Sunday, February 03, 2008

Game? There's a Game?

Cranky says we should TiVo the Superbowl, and then spend our time in the kitchen fooling around.
When we're ready to look at our recording, we'll just zoom past all the football bits, and watch the commercials.


kudzu said...

Rah, rah, rah for YOUR team. Great idea. I couldn't care less (except for some lingering feeling of support for the Patriots' pulling off this season). Great time to go to a movie or to eat out in a usually-crowded restaurant.

Or cook.

Chilebrown said...

Oh Cookiecrumb, You are so Marin. It was a great game. The Cheerleaders sparkled. We had Hot Wings (Third Place),Nachos,Beer and everything else the farmers market will not sell. It was great!!

peter said...

What? There was some sort of game? On TV? I was zesting oranges and I didn't notice. I also don't have TV, so there's that.

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: I didn't support either team, but it was fun to watch.
We cooked up some seven-layer dip, and it was good. With home-cured jalapenos.

Chilebrown: I watched! I even drank beer.
(Ooh! Congratulations on third place!)

Peter: It's called football. America. Like Super Tuesday.

Jack at Fork & Bottle said...

The football "bits" were so much better than the commercials.

The beers ads reinforce that their beers are crap. How savvy.

Tea said...

I love the Superbowl--it's the best day of the year to go hiking on Mt. Tam, the trails are empty.

I was sad I missed my hike this year (sigh). Had I been there, I would have tried to crash your seven-layer dip party afterwards:-)

Susan from Food Blogga said...

I should have zoomed through the game too. My beloved Pats lost. I think I'll need chocolate today. Lots of it.

cook eat FRET said...

oh - so my kinda guy
i never watch
but i'm happy ny won as it's my home town.

Anna Haight said...

First time in 10 years I watched it.. heard that 60% of the US population tunes in, and thought I'd better experience the cultural phenomena and of course the commercials.. but I human-tivo's by going in the the kitchen a lot!

Julie said...

That's the best idea ever! I once went to a Super Bowl party and played cards with some friends in another room. We paused our game during every commercial break so we could go watch.

Lannae said...

Nudge nudge wink wink, so what kind of fooling around did Cranky want to do in the kitchen? :)

Amy Sherman said...

I watched the Tom Petty halftime show. Does that count? I think all the good commercials are online this morning.

cookiecrumb said...

Jack: Yeah, the ads didn't do much for me. I didn't see them all, but... (Oh, and the beer I drank was Budweiser from a can.)

Tea: It was a bit weatherish here yesterday. You'd have been a lightning rod on Mt. Tam. Today -- clear skies.

Susan: Cranky is also a New Englander (did time in RI, in fact), but he was stoic. It was a good game.

ceF: But we did end up watching. Together. Eating the 7-layer dip we prepared together in the kitchen at appropriate moments, some of them commercials.

Anna: I bet it left you cold. But it was a good game, especially considering that the Patriots were expected to win.

Julie: I have seen the same thing at Super Bowl parties. It's very friendly, I think.
(Then there's the SB party we go to every so often, given by a friend who puts TVs all over the house, including one in the bathroom! Eek.)

Lannae: I thought somebody was gonna ask that. We fooled around by trying to get seven whole layers to add up. We finally decided chopped cilantro on top counted as a layer.

Amy: Yes, I watched Tom Petty too. He looks good for a guy my age. But luckily I don't need to glue my hair to my forehead to hide my balding. (Also, Tom: Lose the beard!)

Stacie said...

sounds good to me! there was something going on the tv, but I was in the kitchen stuffing my face with loads of yummy food! yay for stupid bowl! now we can look forward to baseball!!

Sam said...

fred had a shot playing in the ironman trailer Unfortunately they played at the very moment I went to retrieve my prather-burger from the grill so I missed it :(

dancingmorganmouse said...

I have leaned from tragic experience that fooling around in the kitchen can lead to nasty burns, spills and even sliced fingers, particularly if the fool-er does not give the fool-ee any warning ;)

cookiecrumb said...

Stacie: Oh, yeah. Baseball. That's pretty much hot dogs, isn't it? I like hot dogs. Oh, and those squirty nachos; I'm working on my cheese sauce.

Sam: Oh no! I wish I'd known.

Ms. Mouse: We're old. The kitchen is the only room that sees any heat these days.

namastenancy said...

You are taking about the Puppy Bowl, aren't you? I vaguely heard that there was some other event with large, over-padded men in helmets fighting each other over a scrap of pigskin but that sounded so medieval so I didn't bother watchin.

Anna Haight said...

You've got me pegged Cookiecrumb! I was so appalled at the lopsided emphasis on 'the win' as the end all and be all and all that could possibly matter. It's just a game!

Anna Banana said...

I thought of you last night when I grated orange zest on chioggia beets marinated with Meyer lemon juice, raspberry vinegar, olive oil, chives, and chopped mint. It was delicious. Thanks for the inspiration.

Kevin said...

Fooling around?{raised eyebrow} Does this involve whipped cream and nekkidness?

cookiecrumb said...

NamasteNancy: Puppy Bowl? OMG, must investigate (but sh... don't tell Bean Sprout).

Anna: Heh!

Anna Banana: You're most welcome. Sounds deelish.
I've actually been off oranges for a couple of days, due to the nature of the cuisine hereabouts (seven-layer dip, yes), but I'm ready to rejoin you.

Kevin: Naw. Being nekkid in the kitchen just invites nasty bacon spatters... And there will be bacon.

namastenancy said...

Puppy Bowl:

Puppy Bowl
This annual television show broadcasts the same afternoon as the Super Bowl, with puppies taking the field instead of humans. Watch highlights from the program (including the kitty half-time show), view MVP poll results, and learn about the puppies (which are up for adoption during the show). Also includes puzzles, Puppy Bowl party planning ideas, and pet care and adoption information. From Animal Planet, a Discovery Channel show.

cookiecrumb said...

NamasteNancy: Wow! I just had to ask Cranky whether we get Animal Planet (we do, but I'm not TV-literate). Thanks.