Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Survey. Fun.

Do you still read newspapers?
I do. I read a couple of them in print, and the rest of them online.
I always read the food section of my two print papers, but I often forget to cruise the online food sections of, say, the LA Times or the Washington Post (whuh?).
I certainly do read the glossy food magazines I subscribe to, but I also read the blogs. Yeah, you, ya silly bloggies!
Well, my pal Leena is embarking on a study comparing blog food writing with print food writing, and the readers who read them.
Leena is an American student getting a masters degree in gastronomy in Australia. (And could I just get a do-over? When I was her age, there was no such thing as a degree in gastronomy. In Australia! Hmmpphhh! Jealous.)
But, onward.
Leena has posted a survey. She asked me for help directing traffic to her site. Come on, help out a grad student. It'll take about 10 minutes (and it's open only to North Americans people in the United States; sorry to any Canadians I led astray).
The survey runs for the next two weeks or so. I'll remind you if we need more participants later on in the month.
I'll find a way to get results to you if Leena can't do it herself. But I suspect Leena can do anything she sets her mind to.


peter said...

You can have an honorary doctorate in gastronomy just as soon as someone makes me president of some college. (A good one, too, not like refrigerator college or something.)

PS I filled out the survey.

Lannae said...

How awesome is that? I mean, a survey for a gastronomy student, that is gastronomy, AND it is about food blogs, a favorite hobby of mine! How cool!

dancingmorganmouse said...

No fair it's only open to North Americans, I love filling in forms.
*now considering quiting work and going back to Uni*

tammy said...

Survey done. I'm curious about the results.

Anonymous said...

It's apparently only open to United States residents (not Canadians).

Catherine said...

I still read papers. I just won't watch the news on TV. And so much happier for it.

Kalyn said...

Just took the survey and was quite intrigued that someone is actually studying this in college.

Rev. Biggles said...

I did my part. Should I post it on MH?

Anna Haight said...

Took the survey, wish Leena luck... thanks for bringing it to our attention. I'm amazed at the evolution of food related degrees available now.. gastronomy!

cookiecrumb said...

Hey, thanks, y'all. I'll stay in touch with Leena, and we'll get the results made public as soon as she's done analyzing them. Very academic. No guessing, and no peeking at your neighbor's paper!

Biggles: I guess you don't have to, but thanks for the offer. Or you could contact her. I'm not in charge.

Bri said...

I filled it out too. It does sound like a very interesting field of study. I'm with ya, why couldn't that have been around 10 or 20 years ago? You are a good friend to put it up on your site. I'm curious to hear what the results say. At this point I have one gift subscription to Fine Cooking, but that just about covers the printed stuff I read nowadays.