Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ooh, Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuzzy

Have I run this picture before?
It's Bean Sprout about three weeks after he came to stay with us. Four years ago.
We'll be celebrating the anniversary of his arrival again, on Valentine's Day. I might even get out the spare, emergency, extra-special rubber piggy for a present. The clean one. There are three piggies in rotation on the floor, and they do get dirty. But there's an unused one in a drawer, waiting for an extraordinary occasion.
See that tiny pink blob just above Bean Sprout's head? That's his first piggy (before it even got dirty). Cranky just knew to spend stupid money on it at the upscale pet store. Bean Sprout loved it right away. That's why we kept buying backups, and leaking them out to him whenever it felt, aw, special.
I can tell you all this because Bean Sprout, despite his many amazing accomplishments, doesn't know how to read.


nthgallery said...

Dear Cookie Crumb,
I am writing in response to a photo you posted on your blog back in September 2007. The image is of a bunch of pears ripe from the tree (

I am working with author Nan Chase to gather images for a future book called "Edible Landscape," and wonder if you might be able to help. The book will be published by Gibbs Smith next year, and will focus on notable landscape plants that have some edible component…and edible plants with exceptional value in the home landscape.

We are searching for beautiful photographs to illustrate the more than 30 chapters and sections in the book, and located your photo of pears. If the original of that image meets our technical specifications, would you be willing to give us permission to include it in the book?

The publishers require that images are 300 dpi and at least 6x9 inches in size.

We will of course provide full credits in the book. Please let me know at your earliest convenience if use of this image is possible.

Thanks so much for your time.

Warm regards,
Jamie Goodman for Edible Landscape
357 Green Street
Boone, NC

cook eat FRET said...

that dog is a total fake. anyone can see it is merely a stuffed animal.
i demand that you stop lying to us... !!!


Kalyn said...

That is the cutest dog in the world. (Rand's dog Dr. Love is the runner-up.)

dancingmorganmouse said...

Your Bean Sprout's Piggy sounds a lot like my childhood goldfish, Tweetie ;)
That photo is Cuteoverload-worthy.

Sam said...

I am grateful, always, to Beansprout, for being a "Mummy-Magnet". Beansprout does a much better job of appealing or attracting a certain visitor from across the Atlantic than a 41 year old daughter could ever hope to do.

kudzu said...

Please stop posting photos of that little creature. (Kidding) It makes it so hard for me to stick to my decision to remain petless. You three are lucky to have one another.

Jennifer Jeffrey said...

Awww. That Bean Sprout, he's just too cute for words.

Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic said...

Oh, I do love celebration of the fuzzier ones in our lives.

Mags said...

My voice went up like, five octaves higher than normal. I don't know how you can stand being in the presence of such cuteness day in and day out. I'm really not that type of person, but I sort of understand why people carry around dogs like that in their purses - they're so cute you want them with you 24/7!

Mimi said...

I love Bean Sprout! He looks just like an Ewok except he's cute (and white and not at all annoying).

jamezu said...

Whoa cute dog there... :) But it sounds scary together with the title of your blog... ooh, fuzzy wuzzy wuzzy I'm mad and I eat (dogs) hehe n_n

Anna Haight said...

Photos of Beansprout always make me reconsider my petless ways... but I'm just not ready. I dog sit though :-)

Beccy said...

I love Bean Sprout, he's so cuddly and fluffy I want to scoop him up into my arms.

Heather said...

That lil' bit of dandelion fluff is so cute I want to gouge my eyes out with a grapefruit spoon!

Lannae said...

Goodness Beansprout, can you get any cuter? You are just adorable! (all written in cooing text) Cookie, since Beansprout cannot read, please pet Beansprout, and tell Beansprout what I wrote in a cooing voice.

Sam said...

Gee - I am glad I am sibling-ed to Beccy and not Heather.

cookiecrumb said...

nthgallery: I will send you a note today!

ceF: He's a little stuffed toy we have to feed and take out for poops. Oh, and he plays. Worth it.

Kalyn: Now I want to see Dr. Love!

Ms. Mouse: Oh no! You mean... replacement goldfishies? (And you were aware of it.)

Sam: Your mum loves you. I'm not sure she was all that smitten by BS, so if she returns, it will be to see you. (And Bean Sprout would like to see her again, by the way.)

Kudzu: This was a low blow, digging way down in the puppy pix for an ultra cute one. :-)

Jenn: No, there are words. "ooohh, fuzzy wuzzy wuzzy." I never said the words were intelligent. ;)

Stephanie: This little doggie has never, ever slept anywhere but between us on the bed. He has no concept of nighttime anywhere else. Spoiled, we are!

Mags: Ha ha ha! Cute. When this picture was taken, Bean Sprout weighed about two pounds, and so YES, we took him everywhere in my purse. Now he's about three times as heavy, and he stays home a lot.

Mimi: It's that CGI cutesy face, isn't it?

Jamezu: Not at all!

Anna: Pets are SO good for the soul. I know you have your hands full, and probably can't find time for the extra care you'd have to give an animal. But you will someday.

Beccy: He has that effect on people. I was *ordered* to bring him into a restaurant by the owner, after I showed her this very picture.

Heather: Cowgirl poetry, and mighty fine.

Lannae: Cooing has commenced! He says thanks.

Sam: Heather is trying hard not to get all gooey. She's a tough dame with a soft center, and we have removed all grapefruit spoons from her home.

chilebrown said...

You know!, You can run that picture over and over. Mojo and Oscar, even said he was cute for a FOO-FOO Dog. They have a new cologne they have been working on. It is called "Peppe Le Pew". It has the essence of wet Golden Retriever. The whole house smell like the it. I will be glad when this experiment is over. Peace, Paul

ChrisB said...

You know what I'm going to say~ that is the cutest pup picture and Bean Sprout is still cute. CC it's sad when ones 41 yr old daughter is jealous of a dog!!

cookiecrumb said...

Chilebrown: Bean Sprout never stinks. Because he's a foo-foo dog!

ChrisB: It's hilarious. But then, I think your daughter is quite the poet, and poets take poetic license.
The little doggie says howdy to his newest friend, you.

Rev. Biggles said...

Pets. I don't understand, used to. I'm one of those. Mebbe it's cause I got two boys, they pets enough for me.

I do have 2 goldfish, they're large enough to kick your ass.

xo, Biggles

Sam said...

oh no!

Sam said...

ps - I was very touched by your last comment. speechless. honoured.

Catherine said...

what a little darling! I can harly stand it!

crabapple said...

That is one hell of a cute dog. I mean--CUTE!

cookiecrumb said...

Biggles: I can't believe those goldfish are still alive. You must be doing something right.

Sam: Oh no, indeed!

Catherine: For the record, he is a shaggy, muddy mess today. But he cleans up into cuteness.

Crabapple: I know; there's just no other word for it.

Zoomie said...

That Bean Sprout - he brings out the sweetiepie in all of us!

dancingmorganmouse said...

Never fear Cookie, I only found out about the replacement fishies years and years later. About the same time I confessed to my dear mama that I'd been involved in a little light horse russling as a girlie!

Tea said...

So, did you go out planning to buy a puppy, or did you just happen to be walking by a pet store and were unable to resist the outrageous level of cuteness? I know I wouldn't have been able to:-)

I've been thinking that this might be the year of the dog for me, and this photo just pushed me three steps closer!

cookiecrumb said...

Hi, Tea.
Oh, that puppy wouldn't have lasted three minutes in a pet shop.
No, we went through hoops to get him. Made solicitous inquiries of a breeder out in gold country. Got permission to come and see the litter (two boys). Gave a down payment. Went back (on Valentine's Day) with the rest of the money to claim our little gold nugget.
I wish you a happy puppy experience! Do it!