Sunday, December 09, 2007

That Little Dope

This is Bean Sprout, inside looking out. I snapped this pic through the glass on the other side. It's as if he didn't even notice me. Haughty little bastard.
But he gets his way.
The night before last, he tried to jump up into a chair and missed. He fell, and moaned a little. He was hurt.
It wasn't a long fall, but he might have landed badly.
I got my scare the next morning when I noticed his tummy was tense and tight. I called my vet, and the excellent assistant told me to check the color of his gums. I thought they looked pale purple rather than hearty pink, which could indicate internal bleeding.
"Go to emergency," she said. "Better be safe than sorry."
Zoom. No shower, no makeup. Off to emergency.
On the way, I thought Bean Sprout's tummy might be relaxing a bit, but every time I poked him, he'd tense up again.
After an examination by no fewer than three delicious female animal experts (I wanna be a vet!), we came to the conclusion that he was probably OK, probably a little tender from the fall, but that we would have to monitor him for 24 hours.
Finally, last night around 10 p.m., he ate his first meal of the day.
And today he pooped.
I think he's gonna be fine.


kudzu said...

Did you really shoot that so that he appears to be an ornament ready to be hung on the tree?

Dagny said...

Poor little Bean Sprout. Glad to hear that he's on the mend. Did he get any special treats for that first meal?

Amelia said...

I know how upset you must have been thinking your "furry" child was hurt.

So glad to see he is on the road to being perfect once again.

Chilebrown said...

Thank God for Poop. I know from experience how much your emergency Vet Bill was. Ouch!!! Mojo and Oscar have both visited. They say "Woofie, Woof, Woof! (That means get well soon Bean Sprout)

tammy said...

Feel better soon, Bean Sprout!

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: He IS that cute, isn't he? Eeee!

Dagny: He had a doggie treat the day before, and the vet wanted to know if it was new. As in Chinese poisonous gluten. But no, it was an old bag of doggie crud. He likes his Newman's Own kibble. Hee.

Amelia: It's so hard. They can't talk, and we over-rationalize it all. But yes. He's doing well. Thank you.

Chilebrown: Poop is the dog health indicator. This little kid has never had anything but perfect, compact poops.
But, guess what: The emergency vet bill was totally reasonable! Glad to pay it.
Thanks to Mojo and Oscar for the good wishes.

cookiecrumb said...

Aw, Tammy: Thanks! Doing fine. xx

Ellie the Kitchen Wench said...

Eek! Poor baby - glad little Bean Sprout is alright though. Thankfully my giant golden is wise enough to know that he is too clumsy to be jumping on/off any high surfaces. Unfortunately, that also means I have to give him a boost when he goes to sleep or in/out of the car :/

Ellie @ Kitchen Wench

Barbara said...

Poor baby. Hugs to Bean sprout.

Jennifer Maiser said...

aw nuts, poor little guy. I'm glad he's doing ok tonight. xx

Side Roads of Europe said...

Pets are like our children and I think we love them just as much and hate to see them suffer. I'm glad he's ok.

ChrisB said...

Oh poor little Bean Sprout I'm so glad all is well. Big hug from me.

BTW that is a lovely photo.

shuna fish lydon said...

Well in my family a poop always means fine too. After that it's all matzoh ball soup.

El said...

That is one little guy if a fall from the couch could land him in the ER. Poor baby. (Get that boy an ottoman.) But thank goodness for poop.

cookiecrumb said...

Ellie: Bean Sprout doesn't know how small he is. He doesn't like other little dogs; he likes the big boys!

Barbara: He's basking in your love. xx

Jen: Yeah, but look at his parents. Neurotic messes, the two of us. Thanks. :)

Side Roads: We love them so very much, as we should.

Chris: Much better, thank you very much!

Shuna: Poop is a real diagnostic, isn't it? (Mmm... matzoh ball soup!)

El: He's a six-pound weakling. Cranky can carry him on one hand.
But, yeah, poop!

Zoomie said...

Hooray for the poop! You might invest in what my good friend Wenirs has for her Lhasa - they call it the "Stairway to Heaven" - a set of foam steps covered in fleece so the Lhasa can get up onto the bed. Not the brand name, just their own nickname for the steps, 'cause he's in heaven when he's in bed with them.

leena! said...

For a haughty little bastard, he sure is the cutest dog on the face of the planet.

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: You never know, from moment to moment, which elevated structure this little tyke would like to jump up onto. He'll never manage the bed; too high. But there are several butt-height chairs he can usually manage. I think at his age (just now four years) he's agile enough. But he had a bad jump. Poor pookie.

Leena: Well, ya know... he gets his way! Thanks.

melissa said...

Oh, thank goodness he is okay! We were really worried about him. Thank you for posting this. Kisses & gentle hugs to Bean Sprout

cook eat FRET said...

that right there is one helluva damn cute dog. i mean... c'mon... too much!

KathyF said...

Oh, poor baby! Glad to hear he is better.

cookiecrumb said...

Melissa: Can you believe we'd miss a party because of that little chap? I hope you all had a grand time.

CEF: He's illegal cute. You should see his baby pictures!

KathyF: I over-worried it, and I'd do it again. Thanks.