Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Married Erik Estrada

Urp. No, thankgod I didn't.
I just needed a dose of sunshine, so I rummaged around for an old photo of Cranky.
Today in Marin it's been horribly gray all day. It was even foggy this morning, the white, cool mist dropping all the way to the ground.
There was no frost on the grass, though, like there has been the past few days.
And in a week, the days are going to start getting longer again.
You grab seasonal cheer where you can find it.
I guess I'll go light a fire and wrap some gifts. That oughta be nice.
And I am so damn happy I didn't marry Erik Estrada! I'm smiling.


kudzu said...

Ha! Just as I read this, commiserating on the weather report, the sun came our for the first time today -- honest. You wrapped gifts, I addressed cards and letters to warm myself.

I'm glad, too, you didn't marry EE. Eeeeeeek.

El said...


I'm so disappointed.

Zoomie said...

EE can't hold a candle to Cranky - I'm glad you made the right choice, too! :-)

Anna Haight said...

Give me a real man anyday (no shadows dancing on the screen)!

cook eat FRET said...

you're so not allowed to complain about the weather when you live where you live... the weather in nashville is on crack. 70's last weekend - dusting of snow last night.

plus it gets dark at like 4:30... so i'll staet focusing on the fact that we've nearly hit bottom and now can start to climb up again.

Greg said...

Let the sunshine in I say!

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: We didn't get any sun in San Rafael, but it was clear skies all the way down in Palo Alto! (Fun road trip.)

El: Ha. Our dirty little secret. (Snow sometimes, too, but it's freakishly rare.)

Zoomie: I never liked that Ponch guy. Very suspicious character, I think. But cool shades.

Anna: OK, but I'm not giving you mine! tee hee

CEF: It's the gloom. A real mood killer, and our sun sets exactly as early here as yours does there. But! Like you, I *always* take a positive tone on the solstice, saying the sunny days are returning.

Greg: You realize we're in for days of rain, beginning tonight? Chin up, mate.

Chilebrown said...

Yes, We just got back from the Bracebride Dinner at Yosemite. It was magical. We did not see Erik. I do need to buy a tux and red cumberbum. Fuck that? I am wrapping your gift as I type. Is that fluffy little doggy better?

Barbara said...

I nearly married Erik Estrada. It's nice and warm here.

sfmike said...

What's wrong with Erik Estrada? He is very mucho macho sexy, even if he was a terrible actor.

And "cook eat fret" is right. After five years of visiting a Canadian lover, where nobody in Calgary even bothered to make a comment about the fact that it was 40 degrees below outside, I stopped taking California winters for granted. We live in paradise, particularly if you wear a little wool for the frosty winter darkness.

kudzu said...

All is forgiven. I was reading the blog much too early and un-yet-coffeed. Whew. I didn't think you would omit the pig! I promise to read and re-read (both your writing and mine) from now on.