Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Red Sox Supper

When Cranky and I joined Jack and Pamela for lunch at the Old Port Lobster Shack, all the way down in Redwood City (a good drive), I knew exactly what I'd be ordering.
I mean, come on! It's the Lobster Shack, not the Clam Chowder Shack.
I asked for steamed lobster, and the instant I ordered it, Cranky capitulated on his cheap-out plan of a lobster roll. (I find the very idea of a cold, mayonnaise-dressed sandwich of lobster chunks in a hot dog bun disgusting, but I'm California born and raised.) He ordered a steamed lobster too.
What you should know is that we had smuggled a couple of plastic bags into the restaurant. We were going to bring the shells home!
As it turned out, the lobster tail portion I ate (really, really tasty... more tasty than distant memories of lobster, even in New England) was quite enough to fill me up, along with the half cob of corn, some particularly interesting cole slaw and a plate of housemade fries. So we had a couple of claws' worth of meat to smuggle home, too.
The lobster meat is still in the fridge (oh, there may have been a little left in those skinny, difficult legs you see in the pic).
But I'm so proud to show you what Cranky made this afternoon: lobster stock. He sort of availed himself of a French recipe, but we didn't really have all the ingredients. It was a Wing It. Hefty splashes of vermouth. Squirts of tomato paste. Beer. Water. Vegetables! Carrots and celery and shallots. Herbs! Local fennel pollen and backyard bay leaves.
We have just now strained off all the solids, and in a little while, we're going to chop up the meager lobster meat and stir it in with some cream.
Because I've been rather sad lately. And Cranky sneaked off and bought me some soup bowls a couple of days ago for a surprise present.
Tonight, lobster bisque.

Cool aside: Jack, not a food blogger himself, found out about the Lobster Shack from our very own Restaurant Whore!


tammy said...

Mmmm. That's the spirit!

The McMullen Family said...

Hey, we live in Redwood City and drive by the Lobster Shack all the time thinking, what a dive. It's in a bad location, and the name? leaves a little to be desired. Maybe we should check it out after all.

Sam said...

I've been there - I work near there. You could have picked me up and taken me for lunch!

I did the lobster roll on my one visit. I don't remember mayo though -just lots of butter (and bad bread).
Yours and Cranky's sounds like a much better approach.

Dagny said...

I don't know the Peninsula well -- well, at least foodwise. I will have to add this to my long list of places to check out. And lobster bisque? Jealous.

Moonbear said...

Lobster seems a good choice for the rather sad. Don't forget, you're also mad. (Maaaaad, i tell you!!) Lobster and mad will keep you well. The Crankster also has my admiration, for many reasons besides taking good care of you, and for not ordering the lobster in the hot dog bun.

dancingmorganmouse said...

That sounds delish, really really delish. Next time you sneak some shell home, make some lobster oil too - it's an amazing flavour blast to add to all sorts of things.

kudzu said...

Oh, I have super-fond memories of lobster rolls in New England and yes, they are on (in?) hot dog style buns, the softer and whiter the better. But your rescued lobster for stock is a wonderful thing. Glad to see your appetite really perking up.

jen's mom said...

"And how are you?" said Winnie-the-Pooh.

Eeyore shook his head from side to side.

"Not very how, "he said. "I don't seem to have felt at all how for a long time."

Liz said...

Sounds wonderful.

The bun for a lobster roll *must* be buttered and toasted. And the less mayo the better. They know how to make 'em right here in Maine. :)

Zoomie said...

Great idea to save your shells and the extra lobster for Meal #2! I'll bet the bisque was wonderful!

claudia said...

living inland is a huge frustration.... our seafood is either not so great or hugely expensive.

bisque... creamy lobsterness. i want some.

but i wanta know more about this lobsta oil thing!!!

katiez said...

A truly worthy use for a 'doggie' bag!

lucette said...

(Selfishly) glad to see you're blogging again--I always love reading your posts. They make me feel feisty.

El said...

Waste not, want for nothing. Especially with some new bowls crying out for use.

hope it was warm and toasty

alison said...

sounds great and coinicidentally i was about to go to lobster shack in north beach and note on their website that they are connected....have you heard anything about?

cookiecrumb said...

Tammy: It worked! 13 to 1 it worked.

McMullens: I was in the company of two die-hard New Englanders, and they were very happy. It's pretty genuine, but it depends on your taste.

Sam: Aw! That would have been fun. We'll do it some other time.

Dagny: I'm old Peninsula peeps. But I don't get there much now; just seems so far.

Moonbear: Oh yeah, I'm still maaaad. Cranky is a hero, non?

Morgan: Lobster oil? Lobster oil? What?

Kudzu: The lobster roll has a very classical recipe, and no thanks. Hee!

Jen's Mom: I'm working on my how. I think some how is returning. (Poor Eeyore.)

Liz: I should have noted that, yes, the bun was toasted and buttered. And the restaurant seems to have Maine roots. Come on out! My treat.

Zoomie: When I think of all the carnage I let slip away that I should have brought home for soup....!

Claudia: I feel your piscine pain. And. Lobstah oil??

Katie: It makes me want to bring a baggie with me every time. You never know!!

Lucette: YOU just gave me a dose of feisty. Thank you. xx

El: Couldn't very well compost the shells, so we boiled them. :D

Alison: Yes, the North Beach Lobster Shack is related. I don't have any information on it, though. Depending on your love of New England seafood, you might give it a try. I will. (And it's closer!)

Liz said...

Dude. Did you just offer to pay for my cross-country flight? Sweet! ;)

Susan said...

Oh, yes, the lobsta roll and the clam roll were ubiquitous where I grew up in Rhode Island. In fact, they had clam rolls every Fri. for lunch at my high school. I never ate either. But I really enjoyed the post, Cookiecrumb. Go Manny!! :)

cookiecrumb said...

Liz: It did sort of sound like that. Oh. Wait. No spare bed.
(Would love to meet you sometime. It could happen.)

Susan: I'm boring you by being repetitious, but you do know that Cranky is ever so Rhode Island.

Ed Bruske said...

spent an afternoon once in S. Freeport, ME, running lobster shells through an old blender and having a silent conversation with Julia Child