Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Yard Food

I thought about it, briefly. And then I decided not to attempt the tarte Tatin-looking dish that was the crowning glory of the Pixar movie Ratatouille.
I decided not even to cook the vegetables separately, and then combine them after.
I wanted merge, moosh, munch.
So into the same pot they all went, one at a time, until a summer stew was achieved. Yes, I cooked the eggplant first and then removed it. Next the onion. The garlic. The red bell peppers. The zucchini. The tomatoes. Basil bundle. Eggplant back into the pot, and a little extra simmer time.
My recipe said "it tastes even better the next day." But we didn't want to wait. There would be plenty of leftovers for the next day, in case that was true.
It tasted GREAT the first day, because, I believe — the ingredients were so fresh and local. The only ingredients that hadn't grown in my yard were the onions, garlic and peppers (and I think I'll try planting some next year).
The next day? Softer, mellower. Not discernably "better," but soupy and nice.
The day after? Into an omelet. Mmmm.


Kevin said...

Off the subject, but have you seen this blog?


ChrisB said...

Now that looks my kind of dish :)

Dagny said...

Oooo. Omelet? Was there some cheese too? If so, what kind?

dancingmorganmouse said...

Such leftovers would also go very well into a folded over pizza, a calzone - just add a little cheese!

Zoomie said...

CC, I love cooking stuff like that all in the same pot, even though at different times. Then, it all has the right amount of doneness but you don't miss the flavors left in the various pots and pans. Sounds delish!

kudzu said...

I;ve looked at ratatouille from both sides now -- and hey, listen, if it tastes the way you like it, that's what counts. I really have had arguments with French cooks about doing each bit separately, etc. What works for you works for you. How about using it as a topping for flatbread (always room temp, though)? I know how proud you are of your crops -- keep up the good work. If you get inundated as the yield grows, remember that you can drop stuff off at St. Anthony's or Meals of Marin. They really apppreciate it.

claudia said...

i've made ratatouille 4x this year. so after the 4th day of eating it in various ways as well - i have 3 days before i pick up another huge box of eggplant, tomatoes, peppers and zucchini. it's like my summer vicious cycle. am i horrible foodie to say it's wearing me out? will the veggie gods hate me? (sighhhhhhh...)

Moonbear said...

I thought cooking it all together was what made it ratatouille. Or, as a friend once called it, rottypotty. Call it anything you want, it's still wonderful.

cookiecrumb said...

Kevin: Yes, I've seen that blog. Thank you. Now back in the kitchen with you! Trouble maker.

ChrisB: Easier than pie! (But it would be devastating in a pie.)

Dagny: No cheese. If we had used cheese, probably would have been local Dry Jack. But not needed.

Mouse: Cheese? :D

Zoomie: That's why I did it this way. Same thinking.

Kudzu: On the other hand, since I never have cooked it in separate batches, I probably ought to try it (there will be plenty of harvest to come) in order to make an informed opinion. I really don't know ratatouille... at all. ;-)

Claudia: There is a certain fatigue. We're dealing with tomatoes today by roasting them in casserole dishes. The house smells like a tomato cake.

Moonbear: Yes! Even so, have you seen the movie? Total Thomas Keller rottypotty.

dancingmorganmouse said...

Cookie, you may have to get yourself a wee cow or goat, so you can have backyard cheese!

cookiecrumb said...

Mouse: You know I want to.