Sunday, September 30, 2007

September Wrap-up

I have another list. Sorry. And this time it's kind of a braggy list.
September was the dedicated month for this year's Eat Local Challenge, and even though I didn't officially participate, I embraced the theme of preserving food.
So here's what I got into jars and freezer bags during the last 30 days.
jalapeños (pickled)
serranos (pickled)
ajís colorados (dried and ground up)
pear butter
pear chutney
pear vinegar
tomato sauce
tomato juice
tomato paste
prunes (didn't have to do much)
arugula pesto
basil pesto
zucchini slices
foraged fennel seeds
I was unlucky with my great plan to make "tomaisins" from sun-dried tomatoes. Tomato skin is pretty thick, and after a month in the sun, the little cherry tomatoes were still plump and juicy, but rotten inside. Eeg. That's OK. Next year I'll just cut them in half first.


El said...


(and I envy your wild fennel)

cookiecrumb said...

El: Part of me is embarrassed to boast, because it's such a paltry pantry.
But! It comes from one tiny suburban backyard, and... yeah. Woo-hoo! :D

claudia said...

foraged fennel seeds??? do you need dogs or pigs for this activity? (just wondering...)

anyway - you impress me because except for some pesto - i'm a total loser in this area...

Zoomie said...

I have an enormous fennel plant growing in my garden right now and the yellow jackets love it - how would I harvest the seeds once the wasps have left? I'd love to know!

KathyF said...

Wow. You could open a farm shop.

I'm looking for a bumper sticker that says "I brake for Farm Shops" just to warn people behind me that I'm liable to do a u-turn in the middle of a country lane when I see such a sign.

Dagny said...

How is the arugula pesto? Never thought of using that.

cookiecrumb said...

Claudia: I'm still rather timid here, too. The freezer is your friend! Oh, and dehydrating food is pretty easy.
(Fennel seeds, unlike truffles -- and less valuable by far -- grow above the ground.)

Zoomie: Well, now. I've never tackled a fennel plant that had insects with stingers. Anyway, when (and if) they do leave, the seeds are in the flower heads, where the yellow pollen used to be. Bee. Heh. Just pick off the flower heads and leave them somewhere to dry for a while, then knock off or pick off the seeds.

KathyF: For a while I was considering setting up a card table out front with a sign that said "Take Some, Dammit!"

Dagny: Arugula pesto is tasty! We put in just a teensy whisper of basil, too, but overall it's kind of peppery, walnutty... Good.

alison said...

arugula pesto - mmmmmm - sounds lovely!

Moonbear said...

You had a great month! I especially liked reading about the fennel. The aroma of that plant is a big part of my memory of childhood trips to Marin County-- days spent roaming Paradise Drive while my parents downed martinis and played bridge with their friends.

cookiecrumb said...

Alison: I think it's more "flexible" than basil pesto. Well, see, I'm sensitive to basil. Too much = too much!

Moonbear: Duh! I never really thought of wild fennel as a Marin thing. I've lived here too long.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just read ur new post. I'm really sorry for your loss, my condolences to yourself and your family. Take care of everyone and yourself /love

Stacie said...

so sorry to hear about your nephew...

Moonbear said...

Oh Cookiecrumb I am so sad to read about your nephew. All love to you and to your family. So many of us are holding you in our hearts today.

cookiecrumb said...

Snarequeen: I really appreciate your words. We're slowly working through this; it's a slog.

Stacie: Thanks, honey. He was a good man, newly married. Baw!!!

Moonbear: I feel better for that. I wish Cranky had as good a support system for this kind of thing as you all have been for me.

peter barrett said...

I'm really sorry. Staying mad shouldn't be too much of a problem, and eating even less so.

MizD said...

Dammit, dammit dammit, CC, I am so sorry. Get mad(der). Vent. Write. Eat comfort food.

s'kat said...

Oh crap. Don't know what to say, I am just so-so-so sorry. Newly married?!? Life is unfair, and war is unjust.

I'm not the prayerful sort, but you and yours will definitely be in my thoughts.

Tana said...

Here I was, merrily chugging along on a love note on my weblog to Bob (sixteen year anniversary), and thought I'd give unsentimental types a link to alternative reading. I thought of you instantly, because you are always so funny and entertaining, and now my heart is just aching for you.

I am SO SO sorry for your loss. And yes, you and your family will be in my prayers. I cannot imagine how you feel, but I better you're madder and sadder than you've ever been before.

May you find comfort in the love of your community and family, CC.

cookiecrumb said...

Peter: Ha, ha. I'm having a hard time eating. Mad, that comes easy.

MizD: Lotsa pasta. Chinese noodles. (Oh, that's pasta, thank you Marco Polo.) Some Jackie D; that goes down good.
Love to you.

S'kat: That's just really nice. I appreciate your remarks.

Tana: I've never felt so well buoyed. Thank you all for the love.