Saturday, September 22, 2007

Equinox Equanimity

Summer ends tomorrow morning, while I'll still be sleeping. So for me, today is the last day of summer.
I can't believe how abrupt it's been this year.
We've already pulled out and dispatched the cuke and zuke plants.
Yesterday I harvested a pint of serrano peppers.
The eggplant is still chugging along, though. The celery is robust.
And the tomatoes? Fading a bit, but still bouncing in like Carmen Miranda's hat. And that pear.
Damn! I still have pears in the fridge to deal with.
And zucchini. Today I will blanch and freeze them.
I wanted to share a funny story about the oppression of zucchini harvest. If you haven't already read it in the SF Chronicle, take a peek here.
Happy fall.


Dagny said...

Yum. Serranos. Aren't they a necessary food group? And I just finished reading the article. lol. Sounds like you haven't been alone with the summer harvesting.

Moonbear said...

Isn't it suprising how the rain arrives so promptly with the end of summer? Now your serrano chilis will have to keep you warm.

dancingmorganmouse said...

The article was fun, and so true. And yet, we do it again and again, each year. Gluttons for punishment I guess.

Catherine said...

what a dreamy picture! it's lovely.

I've been dreaming of those huge squash blossoms I saw in your back yard. I'll be up with the lark and off for my vegan cooking class on chilis!

Sleep tight!

Zoomie said...

Loved the article you sent us to - so true, when you have zucchinis, especially! I didn't think anyone else ever remembered Carmen Miranda, too. I'm not alone in my old age!

cookiecrumb said...

Dagny: Serranos are the perfect hot pepper. I couldn't bring myself to season the brine (oh, hell, wait, I shook in a little cinnamon). But they're the fallback chile, yes?

Moonbear: What's with this rain? Eek. Yeah, I need some heat... organic. Homegrown.

DMM: I think it's about to get worse over here... Cranky's ready to go shave vast quantities of lawn for our onion patch. :P

Catherine: Bonnie helped herself to a bag full of zucchini blossoms the day of the party. I wish you had, too. Tell me about your class!

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: Oh, shush! We're not old. We just remember real good.

MizD said...

Wait a sec. There was a summer?

My tomatoes are still green.

Kevin said...

Fortunately some of us don't garden, those providing some zuchini relief:

Dagny said...

The rain was yucky but heat is supposed to be coming around Tuesday or so.

Oh, and Carmen Miranda made me think of the Chiquita banana girl. Now I've got the jingle stuck in my head. *sigh*

KathyF said...

Welcome to Fall. It was gorgeous here.

I grew three tomatoes this summer. I think the fox got them, though. Or the deer.

cookiecrumb said...

MizD: I know you got at least one red tomato, from your TWELVE plants. I guess that's why you needed twelve plants.
Wishing you a happy autumn.

Kevin: Ha ha, thanks for the comic strip. We actually only gave away three zukes, and they were gratefully received.

Dagny: I hear we're in for some heat, and not of the serrano variety! I'm so confused.

KathyF: Fall already over in your part of the world? Wow. But then, you're at latitude 51, and I'm at 38... Nice and Mediterranean.