Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I have scads of aprons. I've worn most of them at one time or another, although I confess some still have the pristine creases from the day they were packed and sent.
In other words, some I have bought, and some have been gifts.
Some were souvenirs I especially wanted, others just seem to have caught the fancy of the giver: "Hey, Cookiecrumb likes dogs; let's give her this dog apron." (I have worn the dog apron. A lot.)
All but one of them are factory jobs. Most have logos, although some are just screen-printed with nice images.
A few have (I think) cachet: one from The Fillmore in San Francisco; another from Spago in Hollywood — way back when.
Three of them are newspaper-related, although I have no idea where that New York Times apron came from. The black Examiner apron is actually one of those abbreviated items news vendors used to wear (and maybe still do).
I think you can sense a certain fondness in me for my collection.
But Ilva, at Lucullian Delights, wants me to single out just one.
It's that blue flowered thing. Quilted fabric with hideous yellow straps.
Cranky's sister made the apron for me a million years ago. I've always loved the way it ties on, snug like a hug. The pockets are just right, and it fits. (So many manufactured aprons seem to be made for Julia Child-size people.) Not the prettiest item, but very sentimental and useful.
When Cranky's sister saw me wearing it, ages after she had given it to me, she said, "Oh, that's what I made for you? I'm so sorry."
No, honey. Look. See how many times it's been laundered?


Zoomie said...

You're so right! The much-washed one is the favored one! Mine is one of the Japanese style with 3/4 sleeves and it wraps nearly around and ties on the back. I need something on the sides where I wipe my fingers down when they get icky.

El said...


(Now if you confess how many rolling pins you own and use, I'll have to rethink my Donna Reed image of you.)

Dagny said...

Argh! Now you're going to make me want to go shopping again.

Cute collection.

Jennifer Jeffrey said...

Wow. I own a total of one apron. Any time you need to unload one of those Julia-Child-sized ones, let me know.

Era said...

Man, you're making me want to take pics of my own aprons. I only have two or three here in CA, but my collection (mostly my Mom and Grandma's aprons) in NJ is quite impressive. I'll be back there in Aug and you can bet a few of them will hitchhike their way back to CA with me. My favorite is this really old one that is incredibly dainty, made of see-through linen, outlined with blue piping in this scallopy pattern. Quite risque, actually. And totally impractical.

Ilva said...

Can't believe this, you are actually participating! I have to say that you have a great sister-in-law, I so love her comment! Your post shows the importance of the the feeling put into gifts, it's almost always those that we use the most or keep the longest isn't it? Thanks CC for opening that box!

KathyR said...

My favorite apron has a button on the strap that goes around my neck. The button came off. I am too lazy to sew it back on. But I miss my favorite. Maybe I should find a safety pin already.

And there hasn't been a Spago in Hollywood for many years now.

Pille said...

That's a LOT!!! I've got only two. Apron envy :)

Barbara said...

Nice collection cookiecrumb.

Kevin said...

I hate wearing an apron. I tuck a towel through my belt instead.

cookiecrumb said...

Zoomie: You have one of those Japanese aprons? Cool. I should have grabbed one when I was in Yokosuka, but, frankly they struck me as a little girly. I could probably still find one in Japantown.

El: C'mon, please! Don't tell. I'm really a tomboy, really.
(I have three wooden rolling pins, two are antiques, and I just donated a strange plastic one to Goodwill. I don't really use them. Much.)

Dagny: Can you sew? These are such simple things.

Jennifer: I'll begin the fine-tuning process!

Era: Ah, yes. A totally different type of apron. Not practical. More intended, I think, for zee French Maid sex fantasy...
Then again, I'm going to be visiting an antique store in Novato in a couple of days that has a *killer* collection of those girly things.

Ilva: How happy I am that you came across my post. Thank you!

KathyR: I have problems with the neck straps too, but mostly because they're too long for me. Some aprons have this tricky "channel" running up the sides, where the waist band can adjust the neck strap. Heh.
Yah! I *know* how long it's been since Spago folded up its Hollywood tent. This apron, now I want you to know, was bought during Spago's first (or second) year in existence!

Pille: Two is enough. Mine just go to waste. (Or waist.) xx

Barbara: Thank you. I should credit Cranky; he was the recipient of several of the more public-relations aprons when he wrote for newspapers.

Kevin: I dig that you hate aprons, but they do keep your front clean. And they usually have a really good pocket for a towel (and if not, the waist band strap works fine).
Oh. But, you probably wear your chef's jacket, eh? :D

Dagny said...

*sigh* Now you want me to dig the sewing machine out of the closet? j/k

Zoomie said...

You're right, Japantown would surely have them! If I find one, shall I buy an extra for you? :-)