Sunday, July 15, 2007

Repetitive Blog Entry

Man. You stick with this blogging stuff long enough, you find yourself repeating things.
Can't be helped, I suppose. I mean, I know women who wear Something New every single day, but jeepers, my kitchen repertory isn't that imaginative (or stuck up). Let's not talk about my imaginative wardrobe of jeans and T-shirts.
I like some of the meals I make, and I tend to make them again and... so.
Well, Friday I repeated the Joe's Special and two readers caught me.
OK, here's an up-front confessed repeat: Posole.
Salad soup.
Far from authentic, but so nice, so refreshing, so personalizable! Like phở. Right? That Vietnamese soup that comes with a tray of optional garnishes; you toss in the basil or bean sprouts or whatever you like.
My faux posole (Cranky wants me to call it phởsole) was made with freshly decocted chicken broth, some nice chunks of the dark chicken meat, diced onions, diced tomatoes, diced nopales, sliced hot chiles... and the critical cooked hominy (not canned, yay!)
At the table, I brought out little dishes of cut-up lettuce, arugula, crumbled cotija cheese, avocado cubes, cilantro leaves, dried Mexican oregano, some hacked Sungold cherry tomatoes, sliced radishes, and lime wedges for squeezing.
Have a go at her, fellas.
Because, if you've invited a meat magician over for lunch, you're sure as heck not going to try cooking meat for him. No sir. Salad soup it will be.
(He cleaned his bowl. Good boy.)


Zoomie said...

Ha! Only you would serve veggies to Mr. MeatHenge! I'm glad he liked it!

Dagny said...

Like I said, I like to think of these posts as reminders of things that I said that I would like to try. And posole? In its traditional form, it is one of my favorite foods. And I know a little place in Richmond that makes it on weekends. I think I know where I'll be next weekend.

Dagny said...

Oh, and it simply means that your dishes are just that memorable. Always a good thing in my book. Let's just see if I still remember it two to three years from now. ;-)

cookiecrumb said...

Waitasec. Dagny, both Biggles and Zoomie live in Richmond. Could you not include them in your foray? Jeepers.

Zoomie: I never said he liked it. I only said he cleaned his bowl. Good boy.

Kalyn said...

Repeat after me: repeating is good. (Couldn't help myself.)

Seriously though, this sounds good enough for a few more repeats. And the lunch company sounds outstanding. Phosole indeed.

KathyF said...

Does this mean you'll serve me meat if I come visit?

Anyway, I love posole. There's an Italian buffet restaurant in Albuquerque that has the best posole, and it's vegetarian. I mimicked it for my own recipe, which I make regularly. It's a great side/starter when you're serving Mexican food, or it's great all by itself.

El said...

Mmm. Posole. Can't say I've ever made hominy from scratch (who has lye just lying around?) but I have been known to stash a can or two. And now I have greens. Hmm. Thanks!

And everyone repeats. Ahem.

Janet said...

Hey - That looks good enough to eat... twice! :-) Love your blog!

katiez said...

Uh oh! Is that a rule I don't know about? I'm so bad with rules...I keep forgetting them... so I repeatedly (hard to work that word in, but I managed) make the same mistakes.

As to the fosole - looks yummy!
And you had a good guest - they should clean their bowls, even if they have to lay by them...

Dagny said...

Only if they can put up with my crazy mother -- who will be back in town and will insist upon joining me. Something about her birthday and other silly business.

cookiecrumb said...

Kalyn: Can't be helped! Yes, it is a good sign.
(I passed your message on to Dr. Biggles, that he was your #1 lunch date choice. I thought I detected a little blush.)

KathyF: Ha ha. No. I'm a lot more confident about my vegetarian cooking skills. I'll make you something you'll like. Please come.
Yes! Posole is so vegetarianizable.

El: OK, well two things. I have lye lying around! I cured green olives with it a couple of winters ago. And... the hominy was already "nixtamalized" by my trusty purveyor, Rancho Gordo, so all I had to do was soak it and simmer it. You can get Rancho Gordo corn and bean products online.

Janet: Ooh, thankee! You come on over for lunch too.

Katie: I don't know the "rules." Hell, if I did, I'd be breaking more of them. :D

Dagny: Yes, well, then I formally disinvite our blog pals. For their benefit. ;-)

KathyF said...

I just checked previous comments re: posole, and I'm guilty of Repetitive Comment Entry.

Ed Bruske said...

some things bear repeating, but especially pho and posole...

Rev. Biggles said...

Slurp !!! I liked the jalapeno peppers in there. It's kinda cool because the last few spoonfuls are extra poppy.

Thanks for lunch!


Dagny said...

If you're craving posole, my favorite spot is Cazuelas Grill in Hilltop Mall in Richmond. (They are located across from the 24 Hour Fitness.) I kid you not. It's a family run place and they serve soups -- posole, birria, menudo -- on weekends (Friday through Sunday) as well as the other weekend special of ceviche.

cookiecrumb said...

KathyF: Nice how age fades those repetitions into "distant memories."
Who are you, again?

Ed: Yup. I'll happily repeat my fake posole. But I'm gonna have to rely on the pros for the phos. (Tripe!)

Rev. Biggles: We had leftovers for lunch today, and we *still* couldn't finish it off! It's getting hotter and poppyer. I'm glad you cleaned your bowl.

Dagny: OK, that is useful information. Because I'm just about to introduce myself to my very first bowl of menudo. I know there are some acceptable places in Marin, but I welcome your suggestion.
C'mon, Biggles and Zoomie. Let's go and bother Dagny and her mom!! (We'll be polite.)

Lisa said...

Thanks for repeating. I missed this the first time and now I know exactly what is going to happen to the next unwary chicken that wanders into my kitchen!

Monkey Gland said...

Haha, I think I probably repeat myself about every three months. I'm convinced I only have about 6 posts and just keep cycling them.