Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Sweet Finish

Our anniversary feast ended with a store-bought cake and some killer store-bought moscato d'Italia. See that bare-chested Etruscan behind the dessert? That's the label on the bottle.
This sparkling dessert wine tasted like liquid gummi bears, to quote Robert Parker. Not.
Intensely fruity, like dried apricots or pears.
(God, I've got dehydrating on the mind. I'm doing some apricots, peaches and morels this week.)
Anyway, the cake — torta, actually — was a delicious glazed fruit salad atop a custard-covered cookie. It came from Emporio Rulli.
So did the candy wine.

PS: I don't know why this picture is so out of focus. If you click on it, you'll see it's quite OK.
I blame Blogger. Darn you, Blogger.


dancingmorganmouse said...

Drool - all over my keyboard.

Pam said...

Oh, man, now I'm gonna have to make a trip over to Marin to get one of those delicious looking tarts! I like Bonnie Doon's (screw cap!) Muscat vin de glaciere with desserts - killer!

Sam said...

I love Moscato almost as much as Cranky loves you. (That's an awful lot!) Pink bubbles and sweet bubbles - no better way to spend a day. Surrounded by love and bubbles.

Anna Haight said...

Yum! Yes, blogger can mess with the edges! But it looks good enough to lick the screen either way!

Dagny said...

Candy in a bottle. Mmmmm.

El said...

Huh. I was going to blame the rose for the picture quality.

katiez said...

Can I have the guy on the bottle?

Monkey Wrangler said...


Happy 26th! I think the traditional gift is a new rice torte (or recipe), followed by more wine and maybe an afternoon of cheesemaking in your future. No, wait, maybe that was 25?..........

Jennifer Jeffrey said...

Very Happy 26th. Looks like you two are celebrating in style! Mmmm....

Leena said...

Happy Anniversary!

Moscato is my reason for living. My sugary, sparkling reason for living.

cookiecrumb said...

DMM: So easy. We had leftover cake for "supper" last night.

Pam: E. Rulli would definitely be worth the trip. Their cases are usually filled with so much variety, you don't even have to pre-order.

Sam: Meow! Purr, purr.

Anna: I'm thinking now the blurs might be my own fault; I wanted to run the photo at 400px, and it looks like a messy enlargement. So much to learn.

Dagny: Good thing I don't have a sweet tooth, eh?

El: No, I'd say blame the moscato. :D

Katie: Rock-hard abs, that guy. In fact, he's rock all over. Probably a mural.

MW: We're just constantly making up celebrations around here!

Jennifer: Thank you. If you can call eating on the patio in ripped jeans "style."

Leena: How sweet is that? Oh, I just answered my own question.