Monday, May 14, 2007

Visible Pantry Line

One really good thing about moving in, as opposed to moving out, is that you can decide once and for all what's going on the shelves and into the cupboards.
Moving out is usually so hectic and frantic that — in my experience — everything just gets swept into boxes and trotted over to the new place so that you can run back and fill more boxes and...
We did a little organizing this time, I've got to say. For the most part there were no loads of Band-Aids, winter gloves and hot sauce, all in the same box. (That has happened.) I managed to group like items with like items, so today, for instance, I was able to bring in a box filled entirely with dried spices and herbs from the garage. Then Cranky kindly pointed out that there was another box of dried spices and herbs. Uh-oh. Storage issues. Initial pantry plan scuttled; must find more room.
OR. I could finally go through those dumb little jars and throw out the old, expired ones and seriously tighten up my collection. (I know it can be done!)
All right. In the photo, a dish of whole-wheat linguine dressed with diced bacon, diced onion cooked with the bacon, and chopped walnuts (also cooked with the bacon). A handful of chopped parsley and a sprinkling of chopped cheese (haven't come across the cheese grater yet). The point? I have been eating strictly fresh, local food for so long that I've neglected some of my favorite meals, especially pasta.
So, as the dried pasta starts finding its way into my pantry, I'm going to eat it up. I might even spice it up.


Beccy said...

That looks good cookie, your giving me inspiration for tomorrows dinner!

Sean said...

Best. Post title. Ever.

Catherine said...

LOL! Love that title! I've been thinking its about time I cleaned out the pantry. I'm envisioning large boxes on shelves filled with pasta, nuts and dried fruit, and crackers, so I can just pull one thing out without going on an expedition!

tammy said...

That's one good-lookin' pantry line.

Leena said...

i love this can be so witty!
other favorite titles:
cuppa crap
yeah, okay i'm weird, aren't you?
and anything relating to that disgrace of a president!
plus, anything with bacon is instant gold in my eyes.

ChrisB said...

This is definitely going on my menu list (thanks for the link !)

El said...

Okay I keep claiming that I am not a shopper, but what a fun opportunity has presented itself to you: spice searching!! I am sure in SF and your Marin environs must support a few quaint vaguely ethnic spiceries, no? (And of course your title had me howling.)

MizD said...

Heh. Try moving out, then in, then over, then over again, then back in to the original out, all in the space of 20 months. We still don't know where half our pantry is.

Kevin said...

One of (perhaps the only) good things about moving is the way it forces you to refine which "things" matter. Small kitchens do the same thing only on a daily basis.

cookiecrumb said...

Beccy: Ooh, let me know if you try it.

Sean: Hah! Thanks. And I wasn't sure if anybody would get it.

Catherine: Would you believe we carted about 15 pounds of dried beans over on this move? Yeah, you should group all your like items. We bought Elfa shelves (at the Container Store), so each item gets a shelf.

Tammy: You hussy.

Leena: Are you stalking me?

ChrisB: I'm flattered. It was good, and healthy. You are welcome for the link; you're my inspiration.

El: You'll just die. We have such good spice shopping here. Indian stores with bulk spices in bins. Local spice importers. And we just got an esoteric shop that sells spices and exotic cooking tools. It's so esoteric, you have to walk upstairs to find it. But don't despair. You can Internet shop at Penzey's.

MizD: Aren't you supposed to throw out more and more stuff each time you move? So your missing half-pantry is at the dump. What do you need? I'll send you mine.

Kevin: Yep. My new kitchen is smaller than the last one. The cabinets look big, but it's just a galley space. So we're getting creative and brutal at the same time.

El said...

Hah! I was going to mention Penzey's but it's just so...Midwestern I thought you'd snort at me.

Jamie said...

I loves me some Penzey's. But then again, I am a midwesterner. :-)

I think we'll have to declare a holiday when you finally find that cheese grater!

cookiecrumb said...

El: I would never snort! I am in awe of you. We all have our various and varied life experiences. When my garlic chives go to seed later this year, would you like me to send you some? :-)

Jamie: Hah. I should send Cranky on a quest. He's brought so much *stuff* into the house, but no grater... OTOH, the oil and vinegar pantry shelf is stuffed. xxx

Susan said...

Visible pantry line. Hehe.

OK, I'm not making this up Cookiecrumb. My word verification for this post is hagsnsex!

Jennifer Maiser said...

omg - i was about to write exactly what sean said. you crack me up.

cookiecrumb said...

Susan: About a year ago or more, a bunch of commenters on my blog got all giddy about their word verifications. It was quite a cryptologist's delight.
I love "hagsnsex," because that defines so many of us. (Welcome to the skanky club.)

cookiecrumb said...

Jen: Hah! We are twisted.