Friday, May 18, 2007

Slammin' Salmon

Fresh, local salmon. All girly pink, just begging for a gentle, tender treatment of lemon or dill or mayonnaise. So ladylike and demure.
But I say No.
C'mon, it's wild salmon! Butch, athletic, manly salmon (even if it was a female, in which case it would be tomboyly salmon).
We decided to treat this hunk of fish with some respect.
Also, we had shad roe on our minds.
See, shad roe has been in season, and we like to go to Hayes Street Grill this time of year for some. The restaurant serves the shad roe sautéed robustly, and adorned with bacon and potatoes. The ultimate Hemingway camp-out food. Macho, he-man sacs of little fish eggs, smothered in hard, masculine flavors. Hooyah!
But we are just too frazzled from moving (and it's going slowly — fine — many boxes left to unpack and thank goodness I know where at least one pair of shoes is). We had a lunch reservation at Hayes Street Grill last week but ended up not going.
I don't know if the shad roe season is still on (it could be; it was very late this year), but we came up with a stellar alternative for the frazzled home diner.
Treat that wild salmon like a man! Steal the kick-ass flavors right off the back of that sissy shad roe. Bacon, roasted potatoes. Hell, throw in some onions! Yeearrgghhh!
I guess I should admit that the salmon was marinated in a mixture of maple syrup and champagne, with a splash of soy sauce.
That doesn't ruin the fantasy, does it?


Pam said...

Okay, now I'm seriously hungry! Sounds delicious! I love wild salmon planked, too - killer! Great post, thanks!

Dr. Biggles said...

Huh, ain't that somethin. I was listening to the radio yesterday and Narsai David said it's now illegal to commercially fish wild salmon. So if you see it listed, it ain't. The only way to get it is to go use your own fishing rod.

I wonder what google says?


cookiecrumb said...

Pam: Aw, nuts. I shoulda planked it.

Biggles: My understanding was that the commercial season just opened a week ago or so, and that it would shut down in June. I buy it from a really reputable fishmonger, so I suspect it's the real thing... for now. (Narsai... snerf.)
Google is only minimally useful. I'm lazy.

Moonbear said...

This is a great foodie blog post, and I must reveal my pantiewaist status by this response:
Y'mean you didn't unpack your SHOES FIRST??

Dr. Biggles said...

Hey, I agree with you. I couldn't find nuttin'. Ignore me.

A Bearss lime tree showed up on my doorstep yesterday. I'll be in the garden this weekend, fer sure.


Stacie said...

got a little girly at the end, no doubt... but sounds like some slaaaaaaamin mama-jammin salmon!

Anna Haight said...

Salmon is my favorite! This sounds uabashedly good.

Katie said...

REAL men drink champagne!
I do hope you imbibed in whatevber was left from the marindae..... Or I'd have to come over there....

Kevin said...

I need to find a salmon steak. I haven't had grilled salmon in far too long.

Dagny said...

I was with you until you mentioned the maple syrup. Yes, I eat sweets; I just don't want sweets with my fish. Weird, huh? And any kind of fish is good with me. I could have fish for every meal actually.

cookiecrumb said...

Biggles: Update. The fishing season opened in early April. I'm still buyin' as much as I can stand.

Moonbear: Har!! I packed an overnight bag with my two favorite pairs, so they're within reach. And since Cranky needed to reuse the box my shoes came over here in, he dumped them into a clear plastic bag, so I can scrape out any ones I choose. I've become a little less shoe-y, which is a shame, because I have TONS.

Biggles: What is Bearss? We're sinking the meyer lemon and key lime into the yard this week.

Stacie: Blamma ramma!

Anna: I recommend you go to the Civic Center farmers market and buy a chunk. It's under $12/lb and it's ultra tender. Hurry.

Katie: I'm good at drinking up leftover liquids, but I let this one get away. Oops!

Kevin: We were going to grill it, but it's been super windy here lately, so we pan fried it briefly and finished it in the oven. (I can't leave comments on your blog... is it my problem?)

Dagny: Not even teriyaki? Just a very mild sweet. But hell, yeah, I can understand.

Dagny said...

Not even teriyaki -- my mom's preferred way for preparing salmon. Give me butter and herbs.

cookiecrumb said...

Dagny: Drool!

chilebrown said...

I saw Cranky eyeing the Fava Beans today!

cookiecrumb said...

Chilebrown: Favas? The boy is weak. I don't know why he didn't just get some.
Because he doesn't want to peel them. He would want me to, but I'm not fonda favas.

johng said...

Local Wild Salmon? Yep, we've been eating it some. Very tasty, and only $24.99 per pound at Whole Foods. I won't bore you with the preparations, though I don't mind telling you that we both like to wear our diamond tiaras while we eat.

cookiecrumb said...

Aw, jeez, JohnG: You can splurge once in a while. Cranky and I eat really cheaply for the most part. Besides, this ultra-fresh salmon was only about $14 at the farmers market, and we bought less than a pound. And when we eat it, we wear rhinestones! :D