Friday, April 13, 2007

What Do You Think?

There's a meme going around in the blogosphere that asks bloggers to name five blogs that make them think.
Somehow, I've been tagged twice, once by Barbara at Winos and Foodies, and once by Katie at Thyme for Cooking. Thanks to you both, really, but what do I make you think? About mutant gummi bears?
Well, in order to spread the honor, I'm selecting five blogs I read regularly, as much for the food as for the thought behind the food. In no particular order:

The Ethicurean. This is a group blog devoted to sustainable, local, organic eating, but it never shies away from the sometimes awful truth about food. Politics, food safety, butchering, farming — all are covered, and often there are links to original source material. Check it out.

Ruhlman. As in Michael Ruhlman, the witty raconteur, writer, chef, and rasslin' pal of Anthony Bourdain. Ruhlman is the wordmeister behind the French Laundry Cookbook, just for instance, and he has also authored many good reads of his own, such as The Reach of A Chef. He is perhaps best known among food bloggers for his Charcuterie (co-authored with Brian Polcyn), which has so many of us curing our own pancetta and corning our own briskets. His blog is a vivid, funny thing: Ruhlman without an editor.

What Do I Know? KathyF is an American who recently moved to England. She is still very opinionated about American politics, but is studying Arthurian literature and has already incorporated English words, like "lorry," into her vocabulary. And she's a vegan. Every Wednesday she blogs about delicious vegan food, but that's not the only reason I read her.

Ideas in Food. I almost didn't choose this one, because every so often its authors, Aki and Alex, make me mad. It'll be about some dumb little thing or even about some huge politically incorrect gaffe... And then I realized: They make me think. But the main reason to visit their blog is to gawk at their inventions. Oh, they'd call them creations, and they are edible. But really, it's the work of mad scientists in the food lab.

Hungry in Hogtown
. I'm a new reader of this Toronto-based blog, so I don't have a good take on Rob and Rachel's work yet. But come on. Posts about popcorn puree on crabcakes? Fried rabbit ears? I'll be back.


Stacie said...

mmm... new blogs for the blogroll! thanks!!

Sam said...

this post made me really laugh. A lot.
You are a tough cookie.

Katie said...

Ooooh, Well Done!
More new blogs to read!
I don't suppose the 'fried rabbit ears' were chocolate Easter Bunny ears...
Mon mari has been wanting to do some 'brining and curing' - that will be a great link~

cookiecrumb said...

Stacie: Check 'em out. Recommended.

Sam: I know what made you larf: "lorry."

Katie: Thanks for the tag, dolling. And no, the bunny ears were real cartilege.
(You'll love Ruhlman.)

Bonnie/Dairy Queen said...

How can *we* make you think? You know more in your little teaspoon finger about all this food-politics stuff than I do in my big sieve of a brain. But I'm honored and flattered, and most of all I'm exceedingly glad to have made you and Cranky's acquaintance.

cookiecrumb said...

The compliment is amply returned, my dear! I consider the Ethicurean a terrific resource.
BTW, you are technically considered "tagged" for this meme by being one of my five picks. Only if you want to play.

Barbara said...

Well you're smart, and you're intelligent...and I'm sure you're beautiful.

rob said...

Hey, cookiecrumb. Sorry for taking so long to respond, but I just wanted to let you know how flattered we are that you considered us. Having just discovered your blog, we'd also like to say that the feeling is mutual. Needless to say, we accept the tag.

cookiecrumb said...

Rob: I thought that was you! You've been here before, but there's no link-through on your name.
I think I should apologize for not raving up the whys and wherefores of your rabbit ear post, and the metaphysical followup post you did on milk and cookies.
So if anybody else is reading, I respect the "think factor" over at Hungry in Hogtown.

Barbara: You're funny! :D