Monday, March 05, 2007

My Tummy's Crummy

I'm not a foodie today, and I'm not a local-ie either.
Yes, I really do eat this stuff when I feel sick.
I consider it a sodium-delivery system with noodles.
Besides, it's bilingual. Magnifique!


tammy said...

Hope it cures what ails you. Feel better soon.

Leena said...

My favorite is Campbell Chicken and Stars when I'm sick. For some reason, noodles in star form remind me of being a kid and being cared for. And damn it, it tastes good too!
Feel better!

Dagny said...

That picture makes me think of elementary school. My mom always made me that when I was feeling ill. Get better soon! (Because I want to hear about your meeting Monkey Gland who takes the most fantabulous food photos. And of course I found the site through your blog.)

Beccy said...

Poor Cookiecrumb, maybe the news that you've won a prize will help you feel better.

Anna Haight said...

I'm sorry you are not well! Feel better soon!

Liz said...

Every food has it's place, you know. :)

Hope you feel better soon!

Jamie said...

Hope you feel better!

I tend to drink ginger ale when I'm sick. I rarely if ever drink sodas otherwise, but in that context it seems really right.

Kevin said...

I eat it too, but I bet the French labels make it taste better.

Moonbear said...

Sorry you're not feeling well cc. Here's to a swift return of good health! (sluuuurp)

ChrisB said...

hope you feel better soon but I suspect beccy's prize will make you feel even more sick from what I've seen of Irish tat. Ahh all good fun and I've no idea what she's sending.

Anonymous said...

For those days when you're ALMOST better, but not quite, you can add in cheap peanut butter spread on saltine crackers along WITH your soup.


Cindy said...

What goes with Campbell's chicken soup? The pizza/tomato foccacia from Liguria's in North Beach. Yum!

kudzu said...

Thanks for validating my own favorite cure-all. Why doesn't anything else work as well? If you want to go hardcore, get the kids' version with double noodles...fab.

cookiecrumb said...

Thank you all for your well-wishes! I wasn't really fishing, just wanted to drop in and explain why I haven't been blogging.

A couple of shout-outs --

Leena: Oh, stars sounds so child-like and comforting. I'll do that next time, because these noodles have the oddest texture.

Dagny: You are a clever sleuth. Monkey Gland is even better than I hoped for or expected. He's having a good time in San Francisco.

Beccy: Ohmygod! That is so very, very cute. Thank you!

Jamie: Ginger ale for a crummy tummy. You are absolutely right.

Kevin: ;-)

Anonymous: Saltines, yes, but I'm a little scared of peanut butter at this point.

Cindy: You're scarin' me. Too soon! :D

Kudzu: Gosh, you too? You validate me, my dear.

Bonnie/DairyQueen said...

I don't mean this as a judgment, only as a suggestion to try. I find that Amy's Organic No-chicken Noodle Soup has filled the void in my life -- and it's got a lot more chicken-y taste, somehow.

Hope you're better, cookie! Cranky must be starved.

cookiecrumb said...

Bonnie: Chickeny no-chicken? Dang! Worth a try. What I couldn't believe the other day was how tasty the Campbell's was. Must have been nostalgia.
(And I only stir in half a can of water.)