Monday, February 26, 2007

Why Do I Even Try?

Cranky took this picture.
He was watching me snap shots of everything on the table, hoping for a good composition. He casually mentioned, "The sunlight is coming through the lime on my side."
I handed him the camera and he took a single exposure. One.
Damn. I'm quitting this gig.
He also happened to take the single best picture (the bottom one) from when I first upgraded to my DSLR.
I don't have issues about this. I really don't.


D-man said...

Uh, want to come on over here and help out a truly failed photographer, that is if you're handing over the reigns. We can chat about a contract over at Biggles' place after the grilling class........

and that ice cube photo was very cool, (oops, made a punny), but I prefer the reflection of the table in the window, superimposed on the calm bay......very nice.

drbiggles said...

OH yeah, that ice water shot was my desktop for at least a year.

My dad does the same damned thing. Damned college degreed photographer guy. I have to say though, the gaps are closing each and every year or four.

Too bad cranky don't have his own site to spew his hate for society.


Dagny said...

Hmmm. That Cranky just seems to be a natural.

And I seem to remember Cranky starting a blog but then nothing. I still go back and check with the hope that there will be a new post. *sigh*

Sam said...

He Won Best Picture?

sfmike said...

Definitely an art photographer in the making. And I'm certainly glad that you have no, well, issues with a loved one's talents.

cookiecrumb said...

D-Man: Nobody cares how bad your pictures are, because you're such a good cook. Me, I gotta fake it over here on this blog.

Biggles: Every time I ask Cranky if he wants to blog, his stomach ties up in knots. Maybe he's not hatey enough. Like us.

Dagny: Yeah, he's got phantom blogs all over the Nets, and he won't keep them up. I think we may be making a little progress, though.

Sam: Yeah, eight and a half pounds of statuette, baby.

SFMike: No, no issues. ;-)
(Sorry to have missed the festivities, but a case of agoraphobia cropped up.)

Glenna said...

LOL! So like me and my husband. I laughed out loud when I read that. Great post. Great pic.

cookiecrumb said...

Hey, Glenna! Even more maddening, he has shaky hands, and yet he pulls this off. I'll tell the shaky bastard you liked his picture.

john said...

Mrs. G takes pictures for a living so I try to not to flaunt it on the rare occasion that I get a really good shot. But of course I fail.

cookiecrumb said...

Hi John. See, that's what spousehood is for. Sport-gloating. Who else would listen to us?