Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tooth Day

I'm Sad and I Can't Eat.
Dining will resume as soon as the numbness subsides. Wouldn't want to chew a hole in my cheek.


anni said...

How's about a meal through a straw?
Here's to a quick tooth recovery.

Anni :-)

utenzi said...

I hope the dentist didn't have to do much work in there. That Novocaine is so annoying!

Passionate Eater said...

I am also sad, and hope you can eat solids again soon. My friend always rewards herself with ice cream and hard candies after trips to the dentist, but I think we'll have to reward you with some savory and hearty foods!

Anna Haight said...

Try sipping some young coconut juice out of the shell, as I did today at Cafe Gratitude -- it's supposed to be quite healing. Hope you recover soon, no fun to be in danger of chewing your mouth!

Beccy said...

Ah poor cookiecrumb, hope you can eat again soon.

Jamie said...

Savory and hearty are still within your reach: Think mashed potatoes and refried beans!

Or, since you have revealed that you have an Imelda problem like mine, maybe putting on a really cute pair of shoes would bring some cheer. :-)

Cindy said...

How about some rice porridge, i.e. jook? If you already have broth (frozen from previous recipes) you can make it in about an hour; otherwise, give it about 2-3 hours if you have to make it from scratch.

Peggasus said...

This reminds of a joke I used to tell my kids when they were younger:

Q: What time is it when you have to go to the dentist?

A: Tooth-hurty.

Har har har.

Second graders love it.

Dagny said...

Awwww. I hate the dentist.

cookiecrumb said...

Anni: Liquid refreshments are definitely on the menu. Thanks!

Utenzi: I kinda hate Novocaine, too, but -- oy, it was necessary.

PE: How well you know me!

Anna: I love that idea. I'm going to Cafe Gratitude pronto.

Beccy: I'm hungry!

Jamie: It's mashed potatoes for lunch today. In my high heels.

Cindy: Jook! My rice cooker has a setting for cooking jook. I must try it.

Peggasus: Yeah. And I posted my "tooth day" item on "wenth day." Can't win.

Dagny: I love my dentist. Maybe he's single? He seems to be Persian; compassionate, cute, intelligent. Why don't you fake a tooth emergency?

sfmike said...

I love my dentist too, Stephen Ostwald near Mt. Zion in San Francisco. I had a porcelain crown put in this Tooth-day and he treated the three-hour process as if he were a jeweler creating a precious object, keeping the pain to a minimum.

Look forward to recovering with you on Sunday.

ChrisB said...

what you need is one of my lovely fruit smoothies complete with straw

Sam said...

poor thing - too many cookiecrumbs?
thank you for the pressie!
I'm not sad, it made me happy.

D-man said...

Ice cream, yeah! Naw, too cold. Hot chocolate! Yeah! Naw, too hot. Maybe a beer? I always enjoy a nice dark, high alcohol beer after such events, resorting to a straw if there is still numbness, and when it resides, just big long tugs on that bottle......geez I sound like an Alcy-holic. I'm pretty sure it doesn't effect the painkillers you're on......I'm sure the doc will object, just don't leave the house. Think Lagunitas Brown Shugga'. It gets rid of you, so you don't feel the pain.

kudzu said...

I think you need a rum milkshake.

My granddaddy loved his egg flip --- raw egg yolk beaten up in cold whole milk, with bourbon whiskey. He said it was a hangover cure. I think it was an excuse.

tammy said...

Feel better soon. Don't try to talk to the UPS man under the influence of novocaine. It makes him very uncomfortable.

Kate said...

Pineapple juice is good to have after dental work. The bromelain in pineapple is a natural sedative, and will lightly numb the nerve endings in your mouth to help alleviate the pain. And you won't bite through your cheek either.

Hope it gets better soon.

Cindy said...

You can make jook right on the stove! Get your broth nice and hot; wash some long grain rice a few times so that the water isn't cloudy. Once broth is boiling, put rice in and simmer on low for a few hours, stirring every now and then. Helps if you use a non-stick pot, then you don't have to worry about rice sticking and burning. Hope this works!

Moonbear said...

Yes, but are you-- THE QUEEN?

cookiecrumb said...

SFMike: I liked this man's work so much, that I'm going to "cheat" on my regular dentist and go back to him for the permanent crown. To Sunday!

ChrisB: You are too kind. Can't we come up with something less healthful? ;-)

Sam: No, probably happened when I tried to open a bottle with my teeth. Crack! (You will love the book.)

D-Man: Yeah, that's much more like it. And -- it's local!

Kudzu: Doesn't that just sound so old-fashioned? I might even try it. (No, not the raw egg version.)

Tammy: Heck, I've got my own husband feeling uncomfortable. What *do* they put in there?

Kate: I didn't know that about pineapple. Mm. Sounds so island-y. Thanks for the tip.

Cindy: OK! Thanks for the how-to. The fun part, I think, would be deciding what condiments to strew over the jook.

Moonbear: Alas, no. It's a temporary crown, so I'm only a half-assed princess.

kungfoodie kat said...

One more reason to move to Berkeley: the coolest dentist ever is here!!! Ahem...yea, I admit it I've got a crush on my dentist. Shhh...