Monday, February 05, 2007


Bean Sprout has been singled out by Ms Cellania as one very good reason to visit I'm Mad and I Eat. Never mind all that pseudo-political carping or the occasional lame food posts that show up here from time to time.
I'm a little burned out on those topics anyway. But the doggie never fails to amuse. In this picture, the Sprout is waiting in his dapper sweater for mom and dad to finish their tea. We had just been prowling in two very worthy stores: one, a thrift shop to benefit a good cause, and the other an "antique" shop with surprisingly great stuff at good prices.
No, I am not telling you where. No! Stop asking.
The purpose of the shopping trip was food-blog oriented: It was to locate fun props for photo styling. I have been systematically spending the Christmas money my mom and dad sent me on old dishes.
At first, I couldn't resist buying two of everything, so Cranky and I could actually eat off of them together. But now I'm just shepherding the remainder of my funds and picking out the odd this and that.
Bean Sprout and Cranky waited outside one of the shops, but this magnetic doggie caught the eye of someone who volunteers for the store, and he was invited inside. He cruised the merchandise, safely ensconced in his new tote bag on Cranky's shoulder, both being perfect gentlemen and not knocking over any candlesticks.


sher said...

Bean Sprout IS one of the most adorable dogs I've ever seen. So, of course people can't resist him!!!!!

Sam said...

I think you are going to make mum's day with that picture.

ChrisB said...

Sam's right, I just love love love this picture. He gets cuter by the picture. If I get to SF this year I will be sending him an invite to meet me. Thanks for the mention.

cookiecrumb said...

Sher: We use this dog to enhance our social lives. Without him we'd be horrid old hermits. Woof!

Sam: She is my inspiration today. :-)

ChrisB: Thank you so much (blush, gloat). Will I get to meet you too? I am well-behaved.

D-man said...

Usually I don't like the sprouts that get paired on the side of stuff (pad thai for instance) but this kind is sooooo cute, I'd have to rethink it. (I don't really want to eat your dog, but I do suspect that it enjoys some fine cuisine and would probably taste good.)

Well, lets just say that if cranky were single, I would definatlely think he had such a cute beast for the "chick-magnet" properties....

Catherine said...

Great photo! He looks great in the sweater!

Stacie said...

If that lil' Sprout isn't reason enough to take up knitting, then maybe you should email me his dimensions! Too cute!!

Mags said...

Oh. My. God. I am overwhelmed by the cuteness. I just want to scrunch Bean Sprout's face and kiss it!

Dagny said...

I must admit that I first started reading because of Bean Sprout, but it was the food and the politics that kept me coming back.

Anna Haight said...

If I were to get a dog, it would have to be one like Bean Sprout! Sooo cute!

Robert said...

Bean Sprout is just so cute in his dapper sweater.... i just loved the photo.... i found your blog pretty interesting... i would surely love to visit again.... well u can too drop by My Blog sometimes and let me know if you find it interesting...!!!

Beccy said...

I love Bean Sprout, he is so cute.

Moonbear said...

I have one word about your pup:
Kisses on that little nose.

kudzu said...

Sprout is definitely a magnet, just like an adorable baby can be -- but just think: he will get older with no school selection to worry about, no braces, no teen angst, no tude. You have your cake!

I usually take to larger dogs, but I have to admit I am smitten with Mr. B.

Jennifer Jeffrey said...

Bean Sprout is adorable. That striped sweater is the bomb.

I'm with kudzu on the benefits of fur-babies: all the doggy treats in the world don't cost as much as college!

cookiecrumb said...

D-Man: Cranky is fully aware of the power of the pooch. Every time I'd pop out of a store, there would be women chatting him up. They'd see me hovering (not at all suspiciously; in fact I didn't think about the babe-magnet angle until I read your comment) and they'd say "Are you the mom?"
I dunno... I supposed I ruined a few fantasies.

Catherine: You know how he likes to jump into his carrying bag? Well now he likes to Hold Still for the sweater.

Stacie: Ahem. Cough. I just took a picture of his sweater next to a ruler... Y'know. Just for archive's sake.

Mags: Consider it kissed!

Dagny: Why do I even bother with the other subjects when I can get such good response with dog posts? Huh??!!

Anna: He's condo-licious!

Robert: Thanks, man. I'll come pay a visit to you.

Beccy: He's actually a hard subject to photograph. I got this one without even aiming; just sort of pointed it in his general direction, and his face accidentally did the right thing. Whew.

Moonbear: You speak Dog! Ow-woo!

Kudzu: True, dat. But the vet bills are weird. He'll be due for a teeth cleaning before long, and it's done under anesthesia, and... $$$. But no, not Harvard $$$!

Jennifer: And we get to sleep with them.

Barbara said...

Cute dog Cookie. And I thought I was the only one snooping in thrift shops for props for food shots.

Susan said...

As a non-dog lover, even I went "aawwww" when I saw that picture. Bean Sprout could change my feelings towards dogs.:)

Just wanted to let you know I mention you on my post today.

cookiecrumb said...

It's a sickness, eh, Barbara? OTOH, great minds think alike.

Susan: Bean Sprout would weasel his way into your heart. He loves meeting new people and making them feel the love. Heh.
Hey, thanks! I'm on my way over now.