Thursday, January 25, 2007

Life After Wartime

The weather was great today. Good enough to sit outdoors and have a little "something" with lime in it.
Cold, yes. My own lime and lemon trees spent last night in the living room once again.
Then the sun came out and it became totally pleasant. We ran into another old friend, equally as old — friend-wise — as yesterday's old *communal!* friend. Oh, she'd be so jealous. Should I tell her? He's a major food guy, most famous to the newspaper proletariat of a decade ago, in a big city. (Well, food-famous, and — most important, drinks.)
But my icy, limey drink was consumed in another county today... My county. Where this major, former food-and-drinks guy drinks and eats and lives.
We're having dinner with him and his wife next week.
Oh. And he's not in the food business anymore. But he still loves food.


Sean said...

Oh, cookiecrumb, I'm beginning to think I'm not famous enough for your scintillating company! ;-)

cookiecrumb said...

Sean, you're so -- famouser!!
I'm just trying to bloat up my meager blogger life. Glad you're part of it.

kudzu said...

Are we playing "Guess The Celebrity"? Don't be so coy.

Did you really put your citrus in the house? I couldn't lift my Meyer plants' pots and had to let them fend for themselves, though I put tender herbs inside my "garage" (which will never see a car in it).

Beccy said...

Don't think I'd be much good at guess the celebrity but the drink outside, that I could manage quite easily!

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: Cranky hauls them in, yes. If you can't move them, I think it's just about as good to throw a sheet over the leaves. And I heard recently you might even want to insulate tender trunks.

OK, the "celebrity" is the former owner of the former M&M Tavern in SF. You'd likely not even know him, but he was a star to his clientele.

Beccy: It's still cold, but we got a fabulous sunny spot, out of the breeze, for a while. Mmm.

charlotte russe said...

jealous? yes! and thirsty for a $2 glass of M&M "white wine" - whatever it was - and a bang of the dice cups. say hey to jerry (jerry? what was his name? ah, too much "white wine"). thanks for the memory

cookiecrumb said...

Hah!! Charlotte Russe.
You found us. You clever devil.
much love...

drbiggles said...

Another badass drink shot!

Cranky's blue one finally was ursurped by a nice photograph of Kim Richards, in tight jeans and roller skates from the late 1970's.
Still freaks me out to see it on my computer.


cookiecrumb said...

Thanks, Biggles. And this was shot with my dinky Nikon.
Kim Richards? OK. But I might rather have Kim Wilde on my computer. Things you didn't know about me.