Sunday, January 07, 2007

I'm Mad and — Hey, Look! Cool!

Photo by John Montgomery
Oh, those wacky San Franciscans. Lying on the sand at a beach in January. Over a thousand of them, and so orderly, too! What was this, some kind of be-in?
For a wordier diatribe on what to do about our disastrous, deluded Decider, an editorial in today's New York Times skates deliciously close to using the word those beach bums spelled so succinctly.
And you thought I was just being a nutcase with that blog banner up there for the whole past year. Seems I'm not alone.


Tea said...

Nutcase? Nah, you're just ahead of the curve (or--dare I say it--paying attention).


kudzu said...

You had better believe you're not alone -- and such a trendsetter with your brave banner. Cheers, Cooks!!

Catherine said...

I think you'll never be short of friends, 'round here at least! Great photo - I thought you'd "created" it at first. This is an awesome place to live.

Dagny said...

You should have known from reading your comments that you were not alone. And if all else failed, all you needed to do was to cruise past the Grand Lake Theater and to read their marquee. There have been numerous variations on this over the years. All I know is that everytime I drive past there, I know that I am not alone.

If I remember, I will head up to Telegraph to take photos of the guy with the table of bumper stickers. So many to choose from. Also a couple of years ago I gave my dad a deck of cards from Cody's. Instead of photos of Iraqis, it contained photos of our administration.

cookiecrumb said...

Tea: Thanks to you for the link (and, readers -- she was there at the be-in!).

Kudzu: Not brave. Scared!

Catherine: I appreciate the solidarity.

Dagny: Aw, I knew I was not alone. I was pandering for support. Oh, yes, I do remember that audacious marquee at the Grand Lake. Thanks for the link. But right now, it feels like we're in a momentum situation. C'mon, Nancy.

Kalyn said...

Go Tea. Very cool.

kudzu said...

Lordy, I remember taking my kids out of school so that they could participate in this sort of thing during the Sixties (I mean, lying on our backs ub Central Park and releasing black balloons into the air on the day of the Cambodian invasion). We were brave and you are brave and being scared is what makes us do it. More.

kudzu said...

PS I am not ripped. I am dealing with a new computer system so my copy is full of glitches.

sfmike said...

Bush has gone mad (Caligua style) and now the question is, what are the people who actually run the country going to do about it? We've been a heartbeat from total disaster for a number of years now, and all we can do is keep praying, pushing, and creating theatrical events like the taxi driver's Impeach With Bodies on The Beach.

I'm glad it worked out this time. The first attempt was called on account of bad weather a month or so ago, while this weekend couldn't have been more exquisite, and the political timing was better too.

And can we have True Eggs Benedict with you this week? I don't have your phone number but you can call me at (415) 552-4549.

shuna fish lydon said...

thank you for making my 4:48 am!

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: "Ripped"!!! How cute. You hippie.

SFMike: I will call you for a date, and we can commiserate. (Free poem.)

Shuna: Looks like your internal clock got all screwy. Thanks. Get some rest. xx

Stacie said...

that is AWESOME! You were on it all along. He's icky! in a creepy, hairy uncle kinda way...ew!

Passionate Eater said...

I think they chanced upon your blog and modeled themselves after you!

johng95409 said...

You may say Cookie's a dreamer
But she's not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one.*

*but with a trillion-dollar war debt to pay off and several hundred thousand broken hearts to mend.

D-man said...

concerning this country's not-soon-enough-to-be-former p-man, my monkey (3 years old) has a shirt that reads: I ALREADY KNOW MORE THAN THE PRESIDENT. she has been wearing it for the past year, and makes her parents quite proud doing so.