Friday, December 08, 2006

A Steaming Bowl of Rebuke Soup

I think the mainstream media is finally starting to whisper out loud about the Preznit's mental status. A New York Times editorial actually used the word "capacity" in discussing whether W. would be able to accept any of the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group. Oh, maybe they'd technically be able to slither out of intending any connotations of "mental" capacity in the language they chose, but that's surely the message I got.
The guy's koo-koo.
A group of foreign policy experts, including the family consigliere (aka the guy who put Bush in the Oval Office, Jimmy Boy Baker), met with Bush the other day to discuss the ISG findings, and boy, doesn't that sound like an intervention? You know: "He's exhausted; he doesn't know what he's doing. Let's confront him with some reality, some truths. Maybe he'll see the light."
That sucker was served up a steaming bowl of Rebuke Soup.
And he didn't take even a teeny taste.
Oh god. Two more years.

Rebuke Soup
2 cups bitter tears
1 bunch sour grapes
1 crow
Pinch ashes
Hefty dose pride

Cut and run grapes through food processor.
Chop crow "stay-the-coursely."
Spread ashes and pride democratically over improvised edible device.
Stir in bitter tears and heat forever.
Refuse to ingest, digest or get.

Serves: You Right


Anonymous said...

i love you. this is brilliant.

mrs d said...

::massive applause::

Also, it's about bloody time. Remember that fantastic Ron Suskind piece in the NYT Magazine, over two years ago? The signs were all there, and still, maybe two, maybe three people in the MSM listened.

Anonymous said...

On point! So funny, in a very sad-for-us kind of way...

Liz said...

Laugh out loud, read to the spouse funny.

cookiecrumb said...

Anonymous: {{blush}} Thank you.

Mrs D: Wow, thankee. Oh, the Suskind piece. Is that the one where if Bush says he talks to God and gets guidance that way, we rub our chins and say Okayyy... But if he were to say he talks to God on the phone and gets his guidance that way, we'd have to call him crazy! (Goes and checks link. Erm. No. But GOOD piece. Wow, over two years ago. Go, Ron.)

Anna: (mantra) Two more years, two more years...

Liz: Hey, cool.

Anonymous said...

Family friends and I are always discussing the prez's obvious mental illness. It is sad that it has gone untreated for so long -- and that the rest of us have had to suffer.

LindaB said...

I think Ol' Rummy may have been in the White House kitchen at the time this soup was cooking and gotten a little whiff before he hightailed it outta there...

Cookiecrumb, my momma (Moonbear) keeps telling me how brilliant you are and I have to admit, she's right. Very funny stuff.

cookiecrumb said...

Hi, LindaB: Well, Mama Bear might be exaggerating a bit, but I'm so glad you swung by.
Gad, how about that turncoat Rummy? Takes his walking papers and starts recanting? Bitter old soul.
(President Pelosi. President Pelosi.)

cookiecrumb said...

Dagny: It used to be funny to attribute his idiocy to the effects of alcoholism, but now I know it's a serious personality disorder AT THE VERY LEAST.

kathyF said...

Hey, you can do actual recipes! See?!

cookiecrumb said...

KathyF: Ha ha ha! Never thought about it. I guess I have to be *strongly* motivated.