Wednesday, November 22, 2006

We Are the Champ, My Friends

I can't even talk about food around Cranky without him suddenly craving whatever I just described.
There is very little hypothetical food chat at our house, because if something sounds good, Cranky is out the door, buying ingredients.
And since I cruise the blogs, that often means we're replicating one another's menus.
I'm guilty of it myself.
I went to Bristol, England, for yesterday's lunch. I happened to be reading Sam's mum's blog, Ms Cellania, in which she blogged about and photographed a great dish of champ, the humble Irish meal of potatoes, leeks and "lashings of melted butter" (to borrow Sam's mum's memorable phrase).
I loved her rough-hewn approach: no need to mindlessly beat the potatoes into velvety smoothness (I like lumpy mashed potatoes).
Utter simplicity. Comforting. Delicious.


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to second Sam's Mom and you on that, I do like lumpy mashed potatoes, or as I call them, "mashed potatoes with substance."

Anonymous said...

Yum! If you like this, you would probably like the Dutch dish Stamppoten. There are many variations of it, but I have a recipe for one in an early blog post of mine at:

Your photo of champ simply has my mouth watering!!

Catherine said...

I love champ and now I've seen your delicious pic, maybe I'll just pop out and get some leeks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the mention I am flattered, particularly as I am not a food blog.

Any left overs are quite tasty if you add bacon, mushrooms and cheese and bake see end of this post

Anonymous said...

PS I meant to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

cookiecrumb said...

PE: "Substance"! That's almost too polite. ;-)

Anna: I'm on my way to check it out now! Mm. Potatoes. Local potatoes, from Bolinas!!

Catherine: It's just so filling and soothing... sigh.

ChrisB: All credit goes to you and your mouthwatering pictures. Oh, and "lashings." Just watch, there will be a ripple effect of champ throughout the blogs.
Alas, we were deprived of leftovers. Ate it all up.

RoganJosh said...

scallions are the key ingredient for champ - but that looks gorgeous nonetheless

cookiecrumb said...

RoganJosh: Oy. I am such a Yank. (And I even had scallions in the fridge.) Next time, I promise.

RoganJosh said...

hehe - sorry for being so pedantic - Love your blog BTW, big fan of San Francisco had a trip out there last year all the way from sunny Co. Antrim, twas the only place on my tour where I stopped sweating.
Keep 'er lit!

sher said...

Ahh, my Irish genes are drooling. That looks so darn good!

cookiecrumb said...

Sher: Yeah, I just found out this year I've got Irish genes too. Great grandmother. County Kerry.