Monday, November 06, 2006

Do Your Civic Duty

"San Francisco values" is being used as a scare-tactic rallying cry for Republicans to turn out and vote against Democrats tomorrow. The boogeyman — woman, really — is Nancy Pelosi, who will ascend to Speaker of the House if Democrats gain a majority in Congress (and they will). Pelosi represents San Francisco, so therefore, the reasoning goes, she is vile and decadent just like the rest of San Franciscans and must be thwarted.
Who comes up with this tripe? (I know. Rove.)
My friend Stephanie Salter, who used to live in San Francisco and now writes for the Tribune-Star in Terre Haute, Indiana, takes on this claptrap in a Sept. 19 column.
The column is one of several looks at the "San Francisco values" issue rounded up by Suzanne Herel for her NWZCHIK blog.
I think you already know my position.


Greg said...

God knows the whole bay area is full of false values. Brotherly love and compassion suck. Praise the lord and pass the ammunition. Oh and fill up the Hummer. Them Repulicans is my kinda people. Except for that left leaning Gov.

sher said...

So agree with you! By the way, I have a fond place in my heart for Stephanie Salter. She was on the student newspaper when my husband was in college (Purdue) and I always looked forward to her articles. When we finally migrated from the Midwest to the Central Valley, it was a delight to discover that she was writing for the Chronicle.

Dagny said...

It's voting day all around tomorrow. At my school the students will be voting on their student council candidates. Today they asked me when I would be voting.

KathyF said...

I saw a comparison between Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich the other day that pointed out the huge differences in their lifestyles and family values. Nancy: married to the same man for 30+ years, 5 children, 6 grandchildren, spent time volunteering in their schools, etc. Newt: extramarital affairs, divorced his wife while she was being treated for cancer, brought the divorce papers to her hospital bed, then divorced that wife when he met a newer model, and so on.

We could all use Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco values.

Stacie said...

GO NANCY! As the resident of the chewy red filling of an otherwise blue state, I can't believe the scare tactics that my good neighbors fall for. As if terrorism should scare residents of a town of 2000, 130 miles from the nearest large city.... BOO!

Anonymous said...

Hear hear. I love me some San Francisco values! Then again, I'm a homo

cookiecrumb said...

Greg: Heh. I have a Republican-in-Marin story, but it's too long for here. Next time I see you.

Sher: Wow, how about that. I'd say "small world," but that's a cliche, and I avoid cliches like -- er -- the plague. Cranky just forwarded this post to Stephanie.

Dagny: Very good. Start 'em young.

KathyF: Buncha lyin' hypocrites, them Rethuglicans. I'm off to the polls.

Stacie: Stupid Republican math -- Be afraid of terrorists = Terrorized Americans. Bush is doing bin Laden's work.

BTB: Not a bad position for anyone else, either.

mrs d said...

Up here in Orygun, we voted last week -- dropped our mail-in ballots off at the local library. I miss going to the polls (haven't done it in ages, since San Juan County was vote-by-mail as well), but boyo is this better than long lines, broken machines, and intimidation from creepy, right-wing "poll watchers."

Of course vote-by-mail doesn't stop all problems. In 2004, Chopper had a classmate from Eastern Oregon whose uber-conservative parents opened her ballot and filled it out for her while she was off at school. Dollars to donuts they never asked her how she wanted to vote. (Nice bit of "values" there, huh?)

cookiecrumb said...

Mrs D: So they forged her signature too? I'd disown them. Using their children as fodder like that. I think there ought to be a test (or operation) you have to undergo before you have kids. Just sayin'.
Oh, wait. This is a *food* blog. I had french fries for lunch! :D