Sunday, October 15, 2006

Is It Still the Weekend?

Not much activity chez nous, except for a trip to West Marin to visit the tiny, earnest, adorable farmers market in Point Reyes Station — where the produce is so bright and the eggs are so psychedelic and the flowers are so pretty and even the preserves are animated.

It's almost enough to make you wake up.


Delaleuverses said...

first time here on your blog and it was a pleasure stopping by, I like the pics, they look good enough to eat

Catherine said...

Nice...I love Point Reyes.

Dagny said...

I'm with Beam Sprout. It must be something about the weather. Of course your photos make me want to take a road trip out to Point Reyes. I haven't been out there in years.

cookiecrumb said...

Welcome, Delaleuverses. Please stop by again.

Catherine and Dagny: I know where you live. Get yer butts on out to Point Reyes. The market is Saturday mornings, and I think it will be all over by the end of the month. Until next year.

kudzu said...

Did you taste the bright green jalapeno conserve? I love that market.
It puts back into focus what a farmers market is all about: manageable, no 'tude, just good food (and people who are there to buy it, not to impress each other). I'll be sorry when it closes but it reminds us that it is really and truly a local, seasonable affair. Glad you got there,

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: No, the jalapeno conserve escaped me. But one of the things I truly love about that market is that it's small enough for you to really get to know, and talk to, the farmers. Most of them don't even bring their produce down to the Civic Center market in Marin, they're so local (well, lots of them are from Bolinas -- but I guess the point is that it's truly a West Marin market).
Golly, the produce was fresh yesterday. Lettuce was practically dancing. We got some (unbelievable) tomatoes -- last year there were NO tomatoes in West Marin; this year it's a bumper crop.
Jen Maiser's going to write up the market for Bay Area Bites this Tuesday. She'll go into much more depth.

mrs d said...

Hey! The hat I'm wearing right now says "Point Reyes" on it. Imagine that!

cookiecrumb said...

Hey, Mrs D! Jen (Life Begins at 30) and I went into the Tomales Bay "foodshed" Saturday, where I got your hat. I was telling Jen about the unfortunate pinkiness-plus-Scottish complexion... And now it turns out they're selling the hats in black and olive. So butch. Wanna swap yours in?

mrs d said...

Nah, I like bucking all fashion sense. :-)

Besides, that gives me an excuse to drive out to Point Reyes if I ever get near your neck of the woods.

drbiggles said...

The market rolls away for the winter? Poo. Do they have meaty treats for the meat inclined?


cookiecrumb said...

Yes, Biggles, they are quite meat-appropriate. Marin Sun Farms has a table, as does Chileno Valley Ranch. Over at the Tomales Bay market, they sell Paul Bertolli's Fra'Mani sausages, and they grill them outside for sammiches. And back at the market, they grill oysters most days. Is an oyster meat? It doesn't have a face.

Dagny said...

So I need to go next Saturday is what you're saying? Because the following Saturday I'll be at a conference. What are the hours?

cookiecrumb said...

Here you go, Dag:
Point Reyes Station Farmers' Market
Toby's Feed Barn-15479 State Route 1
Point Reyes Station, CA
Phone: 415-663-8139
Web site:
Day/time: Saturday 9 Am-1 Pm, June-October

jeanne said...

I'm in love that that face!