Friday, September 01, 2006

Weekend Burka Blogging

Bean Sprout is so happy to join us on excursions, he literally jumps into his bag all by himself.
The bag is open on top, and can be flapped shut if we need to conceal him. Both ends have vents, and when he's tired of being cute and flirty, he can just snuggle down and breathe through his "windows."
It's a lot funner than it sounds. We've scoped out the pooch-friendly venues, and he loves making friends. He has his portable water and kibbles.

Meh. I'm too tired to try to twist this into a "Bush's Failed Foreign Policy" post.
Feel free to improvise.


Catherine said...

great digs, beansprout! Sweetpea comes home everyday and says she wants a dog. perhaps we can visit at a farmers' market sometime?

Kalyn said...

Believe me, when it comes to "Bush's failed foreign policy" there are endless opportunities for improvising. It boggles the mind.

Jamie said...

Awesome "burka." :-)

My opinion of various establishments is often colored by how dog-friendly they are. There are a couple of bars in town that cultivate the canine crowd. Also, Silver often gets to go to the Farmer's Market (as she did this morning).

cookiecrumb said...

Catherine, can Sweetpea come to the Wednesday market in CM? We aren't supposed to bring dogs to the other markets. Or we could work something out. :)

Kalyn: Never a dull moment, but a few weepy ones, eh?

Jamie: Marin is surprisingly less dog-friendly than you'd guess, but there are lots of nice places that place water bowls outside, and that's usually a good sign. (Dogs can't go inside, though, and -- well, see above -- they are forbidden at farmers markets.) Silver must be feeling well!

Greg said...

Free the Beansprout!! Power to the doggies.

KathyF said...

I think it is clear that as Bush's foreign policy has spread Islamo-fundamentalism across the Middle East, it has increasingly brought a similar fundamentalism to the home shores, particularly in northern California, where even dogs are forced to wear the burka.

How's that?

cookiecrumb said...

No, Greg, he is HAPPY in there!

KathyF: One hundred points to you for your answer. :-D

Tea said...

Even behind a burka, Bean Sprout is still the cutest sprout around.

Dagny said...

Bean Sprout looks adorable per usual. Fifty, the dog of a hair stylist I know, has a similar bag. She uses it to bring him to the shop everyday.

mrs d said...

Come up to the Portland Farmers' Market. It's doggie central. Platelicker met a whole crew of Leonbergers last Saturday by the mushroom stand and we saw a dane the size of a pony hangin' with the mini melons.

cookiecrumb said...

Tea: Bean Sprout thanks you. Even though he is small, he has a big heart. (But boy, does he need a haircut. Well, see: Big Heart = Big Hair.)

Dagny: Jeez, "Fifty"? That is such a cool name!!

Mrs D: I'm comin'! I wonder who it is that thinks dogs walk on different earth than humans. My feet are just as germy. Also, our market is loaded with toxic little children, and they're not banned. :D

Dagny said...

lol CC. The hair stylist is a fan of rapper 50 Cent. Fifty looks kind of like an all black version of Bean Sprout.

Cyndi said...

Cool pic - love the burka look. That's one of the advantages of having a small dog. Pepper couldn't and wouldn't travel with us like that as big as she was. I love kathyf's answer, too.

pinknest said...

lol! i love this.

kitchenmage said...

Hey, one woman's puppy is another woman's freedom fighter! That's no reason to send him to Gitmo.

Free the sprout!
Free the sprout!
Free the sprout!

For bonus points, here's my "word verification thingy" which is clearly an acronym for :

Media &
*W* haters