Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Never Mind What I Said About Fall

It's still summer in Northern California.
Cranky and I sat at a wooden picnic table today underneath the fringes of what we call around here the "marine layer" — a summertime phenomenon of coastal fog that laps against the shore and threatens to blot out a good tomato-growing season for many southern Marin residents. That's why, when we lived in Mill Valley, I kept all my pots of tomatoes on wheeled platforms: so we could chase the precious sun across the deck all day long, on those days that decided not to be foggy. Foggy days — heh — they usually tended to be windy too, and on those days, we had to upright the potted plants that were constantly blown over.
In Sausalito, where we had lunch today, the fog encroached over the coastal hills almost all the way to the bay, but we lucked out and had a sunny repast. A little windy. Sweatshirt required.
Cranky kept turning his face skyward (when he wasn't turning it bayward) and crooning, "This is just like being on Nantucket! I feel like I'm still on vacation!"
I said, "No, this is Sausalito. People come HERE to be on vacation."
What a beautiful place to live.
I'll get around to fall in a little while. Right now, allow me some picnicking.


KathyR said...

What a fantastic picture. Makes me hungry. Love the Ball jars. What's in the bucket?

Cyndi said...

Great attitude to have. Sometimes I have to remind myself (like now) that I, too, live in a place where other people come to vacation.

Passionate Eater said...

Yum, I love Sausalito! I love how gorgeous the aqua-blue ocean is, and I love the shops (the ice cream and candy shops especially). Also, I want to say, "You are such a cool rock star!" I just read Meathenge's post on your generosity. You are wonderful Cookie (and Cranky) Crumb.

amanda said...

here in southern california, the temperatures still feel like summer (low 70s) but for the last four days it's been nothing but fog fog fog. boo, fog, i say...boo. i'm very envious of your day in the sun! :-)

Jennifer Maiser said...

You HAD to go and post that photo when you know I've been craving that soup.

cookiecrumb said...

KathyR: Oh thanks! The bucket holds condiments (malt vinegar, salsa, etc.).

Cyndi: I like my own patio so much, sometimes I have to remind myself to go visit scenic places like Sausalito. Happy mental vacation!

PE: So, you got a sweet tooth? I have a fish'n'chips tooth! Thanks for the props.

Amanda: Boo, your fog's not burning off midday? Chin up!

Jen: I felt like I was cheating on you with that chowder!! :-(

drbiggles said...

YEAH !!! Thank you so much for that. While I love reading my daily food blogs, I have to admit I'm getting tired of reading about the changing season. I'M NOT DONE WITH SUMMER YET. It's not cold, at least right now and the sun is still up.
Thank you for extending summer, it's much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

was that at fish, off of bridgeway.

cookiecrumb said...

Anonymous: Bingo! Fish it was. Hm. I haven't been back there for a few months...

ariel said...

i have not tried the tomato soup at fish, is it very creamy?

cookiecrumb said...

Ariel: I actually probably wouldn't order the fish chowder again, myself. Not terribly creamy, but my main objection is the jarring, jangling flavor collision of fish and tomatoes. Heh.
But. All of a sudden, I want to go back to Fish! See you there.