Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's Hard to be Original

Having learned to cook from my mother, it felt a little like bringing coals to Newcastle. Cranky and I had packed three partially prepared meals to freeze and lug down south in a cooler, with the intention of finishing up some quick dinners in my mom and dad's kitchen (which doesn't get used much these days).
I really sweated. Was I being impertinent? Would we offend my folks by splattering up their nice, clean kitchen? Would this food even survive the road trip and become anything presentable, much less edible?
Well, I think we did the right thing. The sausages rewarmed nicely and made good sandwiches. The grilled steak turned into a yummy beef stroganoff (with the help of the paprika that we remembered to pack). Luckily we had been taught by a butcher how to freeze cooked pork tenderloin: slice it first.
The tender little pork slices got the gentlest warming in the microwave and were delicious with a drizzle of what I thought was a rather daring, modern relish: blueberries with cabernet vinegar and (here's the brilliant part, according to me, who thought it up) black pepper.
While we were visiting, I happened to pick up a copy of this month's Sunset magazine. I appreciated its redesign (I don't look at Sunset often, but I think the return to the retro logo is recent.) I appreciated the work of the magazine's young new editor. I noticed all the old-school writers and editors seemed to have moved on, taking their frumpy Home-Ec sensibilities with them. But it was still dear, century-old Sunset: predictable and safe.
And then I noticed the recipe for Blueberries in black-pepper Syrah Syrup.
Anyway, mom and dad thought it was good.


mrs d said...

But but but, you used cabernet and they used syrah!

(I knew there was a reason why I rarely ever read magazines!)

BTW, Whine Blogging Wednesday is now open for business over at my joint. Feel free to drop on by and vent. Even if it's Thursday somewhere on the planet. :-)

drbiggles said...

So, you played around a little? Did you make it to the coast?


Glenna said...

Love it! I do that all the time too. I think I'm so cool and have come up with something original because I'd never heard of it before and then I see it in a food mag somewhere. I always tell myself it just means I'm thinking in the right groove.

Dagny said...

I guess Sunset has changed. *sigh*

Kevin said...

Chicken also is best gently warmed in the microwave or, like pork, it gets really tough.

And as for originality, some of my best ideas were invented by someoe else first.

Shauna said...

Oh heavens, who cares? You enjoyed it. And besides, like Mrs. D, I say, you used cab!

I'm always amazed at how immediately I will find a recipe for something I think I just invented.

We still love you.

cookiecrumb said...

Oh, Mrs D: Thank you for recognizing my dashing originality. ::fret::
Whine Blogging Wednesday! I'll be there.

Dr B: Yes. The Superfund cleanup site of Avila Beach. Oy. I hate this planet.

Glenna: Heh. It's zeitgeist, baby, and we're all in the same buggy.

Dagny: Well, love it or hate it. It's still pretty much "Sunset," bless its heart.

Kevin: Thanks for the tip. My discovery was quite by lucky accident, but now I have word from a pro. (And just who is pre-stealing your best ideas?!!)

Shauna: Gosh, girlfriend, I am so amazed you even had time to drop by. Thanks for the good words. xx

Kevin said...

"(And just who is pre-stealing your best ideas?!!)"

The Italians for one.

Tea said...

Well, I can attest that you came up with yours *before* reading the magazine--and that it's delicious!

Just let me know if you need me to testify:-)

cookiecrumb said...

I got a witness!!! Thank you, Tea. xxx