Thursday, September 21, 2006

Don't Make Me Open This Bag of Whup-ass

The first time I saw an ad for this bizarrely huge, scrunched leather bag, I admit I felt an unfamiliar luxe lust. I don't shop for this kinda stuff, ever. Prada is nada, say I.
But there was this unusually large, puffy bag, a new shape for fall, and oddly, I wanted it.
There was no real risk involved, of course. I figured it would probably cost $4,000, and I also figured I'd never be able to find one retail. I know how much some designers hate to see their clothing on soccer WAGs, even if said soccer WAGs can afford to PAY for the damn things. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm not a soccer wife or girlfriend, and it's a safe bet I'd never be in a store where that kind of monetary damage might occur. And even if I was, that particular scrunchy bag would have long since been designated for someone far less proletarian than I. If they're even shipping that particular scrunchy bag to California.
So I began to wean myself from the desire.
When the Cathy comic strip started making fun of fall's new gargantuan purses, though, I felt much better. It's already a joke? Hey, maybe I just saved some mental money.

Then today's New Yorker arrived.
Totally safe.
I don't have to want it anymore.


mrs d said...

That thing in the photo is leather? Crazy. It looks like someone shot and taxidermied my old mangy ski parka from fourth grade.

Jamie said...

Cool--I like the Tod's and ChloƩ bags better this season anyway.

Oh, wait...have I missed the point? ;-)

sam said...


hey - doesn't that bag belong on MY blog?

Dagny said...

I've never been one for large bags. OK. I'll admit that I own quite a few totes but that's only for work purposes. The New Yorker cover? Hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

cookiecrumb said...

Mrs D: I had that parka too. Same color. But eighth grade.

Jamie: Hah!! (You'll probably find one on one of your thrifting forays.)

Sam: Help yourself! (Isn't it sweet that *he's* carrying it?)

Dagny: A colleague once spotted me toting stuff in a tote, and screamed "Teacher Bag!" Now, what does that tell you? Hmph. The ignorance of youth. xxx

Tana said...

I have one of these totes (in the dark brown)...I love it. I need it, though, because I have camera gear and notebooks that I carry around when blogging.

It smells like leather. Yum.

: D

cookiecrumb said...

Tana: Oh. Classy! Me like.

Monkey Gland said...

I've sewn up a sleeping bag and added some handles and written Prada on it in marker pen. I just need to find a footie player to marry now....