Monday, July 10, 2006

Nice Baby... Come and Lie Down on this Ritz Cracker

• Excuse me, waiter? I ordered the chunky on my kid, and this is definitely the smooth.
• You are in so much trouble! That was supposed to be for everybody's dinner, and now we're all going to have to lick you.
• Don't laugh; she'll just think it's cute, and tomorrow it'll be the pâté.
::shriek:: This is the pâté!
Your turn.
(Credits and more pix)


mrs d said...

That's it. Now I know what it takes to get Boing Boinged:

1. condiment
2. cute infant
3. camera
4. instant fame!



Kevin said...

No. It's not peanut butter.

Greg said...

My kid did the same thing with chocolate pudding! ugh

Jennifer said...

When I first saw this yesterday, there was no picture with it (or else the picture didn't load on my screen)... I sat there for several minutes, reading through your bullet points, thinking "what the heck?!!"

I thought it might be some kind of code, such as when people were making up sentences using the word verification words...

Ah, but it's just a peanut-butter-covered baby. I feel so much better now.

cookiecrumb said...

Well, Jennifer, thank goodness somebody feels better! Just a peanut-butter-covered baby.