Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm Mad from the Heat and I Eat

The heat wave continues, and the kitchen continues to be neglected.
Pity, because I have some really nice, fresh produce in the fridge. Maybe I'll get to it tonight...
Today for some mad reason, Cranky and I decided it was pleasant to sit in the shade on the patio, as the temperature inched ever higher. There was a slight breeze with the gate open, and the aroma of newly irrigated garden plants nearly convinced us it was tolerable.
We were the oblivious frogs in the pot of slowly boiling water. It got hotter and hotter, and we sat and sat, persuading ourselves the weather was fine.
Fortunately something caused me to lurch out of my pot of boiling water, er, chaise longue, into the dark, not-quite-so-hot house, where I suddenly realized I was uncomfortable, hungry and maybe even crazy.
The air conditioner is not working — service call goes in Monday — so we had no choice but to escape to the nearest place with food and a refrigerated atmosphere: the mall.
We're talking cultural blight. Middle America. Piercing pavilions and tacky taffeta bridal salons. Photo parlors and B-boy baggy pants shops.
Food court.
Did I mention we were hungry?
Stupider things have happened.


sher said...

Oh no!! The AC isn't working? I'm really sorry. That happened to me a few weeks ago.

Jack said...

That photo hurts my brain!

How come no Pt. Reyes road trip? Or SF?

Did I mention that that photo hurts my brain?


Stacie said...

Nothing beats the mall on a hot day. Fun to watch the people and eat brownies!

kudzu said...

I know where you were and wonder why you didn't stop by the Thai place in the food court, the only tolerable source and run by sweet people. It ain't sublime but a salad from there is always nice....When I'm there to catch a movie in the weird multiplex, I also like to go into the dollar store and read the labels on things imported from Hong Kong or Taiwan -- sometimes I buy them just for the prose. The tea shop is actually a very good establishment and is worth a visit......Stay cool, if you can.

cookiecrumb said...

Sher: We managed to cool the upstairs (where the bedroom is) down to under 80º overnight... Yay?

Jack: Point Reyes today for the farmers market! And I dare you to compare a Mrs. F. chocolate chip cookie to your favorite recipe. :D

Stacie: You got my back!

Kudzu: I haven't tried the Thai place, though the Bunrabs gave it passing grades (IIRC). I am so happy with the occasional Subway sandwich!! That dollar shop is strange. The mgr. follows me around like I'm going to steal 99-cent plastic objects! And the tea store is moving...

Dagny said...

Jealous. You have AC? Around here we have no choice but to go to the mall -- or the library. And I was always more of a fan of Blue Chip Cookies but that's just because they made a white chocolate chip that did not contain nuts.

Cyndi said...

We don't have AC. So ceiling and oscillating fans are working to try to keep it cool. It's not that bad at 6,000 feet - and with a thunderstorm that just moved over us, it's 78 outside, but still 83 inside. Aack. And I agree with Jack - that photo hurts my brain. It makes my mouth water, too.

mrs d said...

The chocolate we sell at the store is all melty and we can't order any more till the fall because it'll melt in the truck enroute. How's that for heatwave depression -- no chocolate!!

cookiecrumb said...

Dagny: It's 90º upstairs in our house today. So much for AC.

Cyndi: Yeah, it might be 83 downstairs here, and I can really sympathize with you, given where you live.

Mrs D: That's dire. I can't even send you any, melt-wise.

Jamie said...

Cookiecrumb - Say, weren't you the one who made fun of me for eating Zaxby's chicken once? ;-)

Aw, of course it happens to everyone. That's not important. What's important is finding a trucking firm with access to dry ice so that Mrs. D can have chocolate again!

cookiecrumb said...

Jamie: Amazing, isn't it, how purity flies out the window when it's 108º out there!!