Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Iced Coffee, Take 2

Holy smoke, I think I did dive in.
We only reached the mid-80s today. But I'm not turning on the heat-making appliances. No.
I think a supper of cold melons will be just fine.


anni said...

I'm with you . . . we're having cold melon gazpacho tonight.

In a bowl place:

Shaved or diced melon, a variety of your choice
Add "Ice Cold" Milk to cover
A bit of honey, drizzled on
Garnish with a sprig of mint...

Dessert: Iced Coffee, naturally

Sit back on the porch and feel that northwind breeze. . .

Anni :-)

sam said...

my 'puter generates quite some heat, come to think of it. Should I switch it off?

Stacie said...

ooo beautiful picture! pass the sugar!

drbiggles said...

I made blackberry jam from my uncle's berries. Did it myself. Never did it before. It's pretty fricken good.


cookiecrumb said...

OK, I've just finished watching "So You Think You Can Dance," and I'm in a prize-awarding mood.
Anni: for Best Recipe! I'm tryin' that one.
Sam: for Scaring Me Silly! Don't turn it off, doll.
Stacie: for Best Compliment. :)
Dr. Biggles: for Completely Irrelevant Boast, but see, he's just keeping me down to earth. (He liked the picture, I can tell.)

Glenna said...

Love this photo. it's beautiful. I feel like I really could dive into that. Very cool.

anni said...

If you like, send me a mailing address via email. I'll send you a cool gadget to make the recipe worthwhile.
It's crude, but since my Mom uses one a lot, it can't be THAT crude.

Anni :-)

Recipe variation: Sprinkle in some of your favorite crispies: cereal, granola, "cookiecrumbs" . . .you get the idea. :-)

michelle said...

I hope you wore a swimming suit ;)

sher said...

Oh for heavens's sake, you Bay Area people have it all! The 80's? We are dying here in the Central Valley. It will be 109 tomorrow! My poor garden is gasping.

cookiecrumb said...

You know what, Sher? I don't think it was the 80s at all. Not that mid-90s would knock you for much of a loop in the Central Valley.
I've been checking various weather services for my little pocket of Marin, and they're all over the board.
Let's say sweltering 90s, and call me a wuss.

PS: Everyone go click on Anni's name above and see her awesome recipe and tribute to yours truly.

Anonymous said...

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