Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The American Way

How did we end up living in a country that is now synonymous with torture?
How did we end up with a secretive and power-hungry president who thinks he is above the law?
When did "The Land of the Free" start meaning "freedom for the government to spy on you, and you can't do a thing about it"?
Liberty has become tenuous and precious, right here in what we are now supposedly calling "The Homeland."
Defend your rights.
Be mad.


SFK said...

I am mad!
But actually I am fasting this week, with Code Pink (www.troopshomefast.org).
We are fasting to protest the war and bring the troops home! Fast!

kudzu said...

You really represent "the home of the brave". Thanks for reminding us of why and how this holiday started. It's difficult to hold to patriotisn when we feel disenfranchised, but I will join you: I'll eat, and lift a glass, and still be mad.

Tea said...

Sing it, sister! You can sign me up for backup, any time:-)

Alice Q said...

hoo rah sister. I added a link to you - I like your style! Cheers

michelle said...

I'll raise my glass to that! And eat one of McAuliflower's *torched* flag sandwhiches, in honor of you!

mrs d said...

A toast back at ya. I took some pics at our local Fourth of July parade today and was inspired to post along similar lines. :-)

kitchenmage said...

Rant on. The first amendment is my favorite. btw, I've got dessert covered!

drbiggles said...

Haven't humans been doing such things to themselves since the beginning of time? Haven't governments/regimes been slaughtering not only opposing religions, beliefs and races, but their own people for centuries?

Seems business as usual to me.