Friday, June 09, 2006

Weekend Swiped-Meyer-Lemon Blogging

I gave full warning I might do this. (I've done it more than once, in fact.)
My own tree needed to take a year in deep, restorative, comatose unproductiveness, to compensate for having been moved a mere 10 miles (in its own pot, no less, the poor sissy).
It's doing better now. I'm pretty sure the plump lemonlets on the branches will hang on this year, grow larger, and eventually turn yellow.
But when life doesn't give you ripe lemons on your tree at home right this minute, you swipe some.
This little guy was not about to grow any larger, ripe as he already was. And the gardener who tends this commercial patio has never, to my knowledge, harvested a single lemon, much less invited the chef out to select one or two.
So it was kind of my karmic duty to see that it got a good home.
My mouth.


Jorge Gajardo Rojas said...

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Dagny said...

I am going to visit my aunt this weekend and I was hoping that there would be a fresh bunch of lemons on the tree. The last bunch became lemonade and a tart. Oh yeah, and some madeleines as well.

kudzu said...

Ah, Cookie. We foodies manage to find things in our pockets, don't we? The first thing I ever stole was a pomegranate out of the yard of a mean old lady who had the only bush in our neighborhood...It amazed me when I moved to Mill Valley that there would be windfall fruit on the sidewalks and gutters: oranges, hundreds of plums, sometimes a grapefruit. Fair game, I say....I'm anxiously watching my Meyers that I moved in October. They seem stressed but have blossoms and bitty fruit.

cookiecrumb said...

Good luck, Dag!!
Kudzu: Did you ever help yourself to a grapefruit from the tree in the yard next to Tony's shoe repair? I never did in 15 years... Too shy. However, there is a gigantic Meyer lemon tree across the street from the library (on a perpendicular street; forget the name), and although it's too high to pilfer from, it does drop lovely heavy lemons... Good luck with your Meyers; all my little bitty fruit committed lemoncide.

kudzu said...

No, never did the Tony harvest or the near-the-library. But I did pull off more than a couple of the very healthy lemons from the potted trees outside PACIFIC SUN offices when I went in for my mail. Figured with the paltry sums they pay their contributors, I should be able to have an edible perk or two.

The side streets in the Sycamore area are especially blessed with close-to-the street fruit trees. Take a look!

Catherine said...

Our tree (near Il Fornaios) had a great start but has now been depleted. I will have to check this out!

Kevin said...

Taking in stray cats and dogs is one thing, but it takes a truly generous and loving person to give a home to stray citrus.

Greg said...

Theme from cops plays..Bad girls bad girls what ya goin to do when they come for you?
Cookiecrumb you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used in a court of law.;)

cookiecrumb said...

Kudzu: Plum trees on every street. Neighbor kids would situate themselves under a heavily laden tree with paper bags, and charge me (a pittance) to pick some. What fun!

Catherine: (i mighta got them all...)

Kevin: You never knew how unselfish I could be, did you? :)

Greg: I ain't talkin'.

s'kat said...

Karmically, I think you had no other choice.

drbiggles said...

Potted citrus don't do well, or so I hear. It tough. You feed once a mumf? You try VF-11?

Tea said...

I can't believe it, I go out of town for the weekend and you start stealing citrus! Mind you, I still have my eye on some trees in the south bay. I always saw that tree next to Tony's and never went for it either. But my favorite plums in MV are from the trees in front of a house behind Whole Foods. I've been pilfering them since high school (pre-WF days--do you remember Jerry's?).

cookiecrumb said...

S'kat: You gotta "prune" the tree to keep it productive, eh?

Dr. Biggles: I feed it when I remember to; at least once a month. The year before last it gave me eight decent lemons, and it looks like there are 14 now trying to grow up. I'll save one for you.

Tea! We should go, uh, "shopping." I b-a-r-e-l-y remember pre WF, so I'm blank on Jerry's.