Monday, June 05, 2006

Chew on This

Bush is pushing for a Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.
He's doing it because his approval rating is at an appalling 29%. It has dropped this low because even his usual, reliable, hatey-hatin' conservative base is abandoning him.
He's doing it, even though such an amendment has no chance of garnering the two-thirds Congressional vote it would require to come before the states, because he needs to fire up the haters.
It's his version of Get Out the Vote.
A proposed anti-flag-burning amendment went nowhere (though Frist is going to resurrect it any day now), and the abortion issue is simply, realistically, too supercharged (read: most people are glad we have access to safe, legal abortion) to put to a Constitutional test.
Bush's base — his ultraconservative, evangelical, family-loving, wimmen-hatin' righty boys — are sorely pissed off at having received none of the hate-filled goodie bags Bush "promised" them at the time of his re-election, and they're threatening not to vote at all this time.
"Give us air kisses or else!" they insist, religiously but unmeekly.
And the Decider blows the Discriminators air kisses, devil breath and all.
They know they're being pandered to.
They just wanted to throw some Nerf power around.
So Bush is throwing them a Nerf bone.

Be sure and get to the polls tomorrow.

Update: So all during Bush's speech this afternoon, the wingnut religious right leaders who are demanding these mean, substanceless sops were hidden from camera view. White House doesn't want to let real 'Murkans know who's pushing around our war preznit.


Dagny said...

I will definitely be voting tomorrow. I can't (Well, OK. Maybe part of me can.) believe that Bush is still on that gay marriage thing. Give it up already and spend the time on something of importance like say healthcare.

Catherine said...

cookiecrumb for president!

Anonymous said...

I am just so sick of this. Even in Minnesota, allegedly the land of common decency in the past, has jumped on this bandwagon with a nut-job state senator, Michele Bachmann (who's now running for U.S. senator—be VERY afraid), and a jerk governor, Tim Pawlenty, trying to get an ammendment passed at the state level. What's wrong with people? Our nation's "foundation" so fragile that allowing same sex marriages will send 'er tumbling? Gimme a break. Glad it's strong enough to go to war abroad and undermine the middle class at home.

cookiecrumb said...

Right, as if making widows out of 2,500 Americans is good for the family.

Kevin said...

Bush argues that "unelected judges" shouldn't be able to over-rule state legislatures that want to ban gay marriage, so he's pushing for an amendment that will over-rule state legislatures that want to permit it. Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Ohooh, yes, he's The Great Distactor.

While he was making his little show in the Rose Garden the news was coming out about more and more atrocities and about the more than 50 people who had been "disappeared" by men wearing Iraqui police uniforms, and about the students heading for exams the day before who were pulled off a bus and killed --- and, and, and.

This morning I zapped the screen when he was "speaking" in New Mexico and said, "Knew I was in cowboy country when I saw all those hats. (Pause. Tommy Smothers bad boy grin.) And guys spittin' in cans."


Anonymous said...

Sorry: Distractor, Distractor, Distractor.

Anonymous said...

Hey why won't anybody give the president a break? Come on, now that President Bush and the congressional leadership have made sure that everybody in America has health insurance, gas prices are down and conservation is up, our troops are home and democracy is flourishing in Iraq, and most Americans feel that the country is moving in the right direction, now I think it's okay to turn some attention to important "values" issues, like banning flag burning and free speech, putting bigotry back into the constitution, and increasing the fines networks must pay the next time they show Janet Jackson's breasts (yep, that's what congress did today).

cookiecrumb said...

Kevin: Nope. He's missing something.

Kudzu: Distractor, Decider, Discriminator. Dope.

JohnG: Oh, silly, selfish me. Why do I hate America? (Social Security reform is going back on the agenda real soon, BTW.)