Monday, May 08, 2006

Taking It Easy

When the raw ingredients are this good, it's hard to go messing with them any more than you have to.
Last night, our supper was mushrooms. A good, filling, heaping bowl of cut-up mushrooms, sauteed in butter. Deeply satisfying.
Lunch (brunch, actually, by the clock) was a strawberry smoothie. We used up some odds and ends of dairy from the fridge (yogurt, half & half, buttermilk) and spun a whole basket of berries in the blender with some ice and a little honey. [Insert Homer Simpson snorfing noises here.]
I shouldn't be surprised, but it's interesting to notice that as I consume a diet of strictly local food, my cooking has sort of reverted to plain, simple hippie food.
A smoothie? I don't drink smoothies!
But it was good!
(Wait. Maybe I do drink smoothies. Now!)


Erin S. said...

I'm with ya cookiecrumb--as I sit at my desk at work, snarfing up my bag o' fresh strawberries as an afternoon snack.

cookiecrumb said...

Actually, these berries were a bit tart, so blending them with a little honey really did the trick.
What a great way to eat. Utterly simply.