Monday, May 15, 2006

Local, Yadda Yadda, Shut Up

At the risk of sounding like another cheese sandwich blogger, I have to talk about the meal I had yesterday, composed entirely of ingredients that came from within 100 miles of my home.
OK, first, the rice. It's actually sushi rice, grown by Lundberg Family Farms. It was steamed (came out a little too soft; mental note for next time) and tossed with a mixture of sake, honey and my own homemade cider vinegar.
Atop the rice I placed a slab of pan-fried pristine local salmon that had been briefly marinated in a mixture of the same ingredients I tossed the rice with.
Surrounding the salmon, I strewed super-thin slices of local carrot and cucumber . The veggies had been tossed with salt (Diamond; I know it's Cargill, but it's local) and pressed in a Japanese pickle maker.
Final touch: The dish was sprinkled with chile flakes, and seaweed flakes that I made by whirling a couple of toasted, dried sprigs of nori in a spice grinder.
OK, I give you my word that as of now I will stop yammering about local food.


mrs d said...

You realize you're just making everyone want to move to California, right? :-P

(The salmon in our freezer is from Alaska but it was caught by a guy who lives about 5 miles down the road from us, so I'm still counting it, dammit.)

Dagny said...

Oooo. Another tasty looking meal.

Greg said...

So now your a food stylist too.Looks and sounds grand.

cookiecrumb said...

Mrs D: I want YOU to move to California. There's a unit in our complex that should be going on the market soon. (I totally think that if a 5-mile neighbor is catching fish for you, that's local.)

Dagny: You swell my dinky pinhead! Merci.

Greg: Yeah. How'd that happen? Plates from Target.

Clare Eats said...


What a fabulous looking meal!
I have been wanting to attempt pickles like those ones.... but I don't hve a pickle maker, any hints?

cookiecrumb said...

Easy peasy, Clare. All you are really doing is compressing salted vegetables for a few hours in a non-reactive container. Use a glass or ceramic dish (a round souffle dish would be perfect), place a saucer on top of the vegetables, and weight it down with a jar filled with water. Four or five hours, and you've got the goodies. (Drain off the liquid that accumulates.)

Kalyn said...

Great food photo. I love the sound of this meal.

Passionate Eater said...

Wow. I am still in the process of "trying" to eat local. I promise I'll post soon with a local meal.

johng said...

Looks great! Local salmon? I've lost track of what's going on with that whole issue. Last I remember, nobody was catching fish south of Point Arena and north of Monterey until July?

I've yet to see any CA or OR fish at my local market, but it's not a reliable fish source anyway, so I usually pay double at Whole Foods or contribute to global warming with a drive to Bodega.

anni said...

Wow! I nominate you as Number One, Dedicated, Committed, Determined, "At-A-Girl", Most Inspirational, Inventive, Creative, Eat Local Champion!

You make it so simple and easy. It IS possible to Eat Local, if you really want to. Applause! Applause.


Anni :-)

cookiecrumb said...

Anni: I admit, I do have too much fun doing this. Thanks for the rave.

Kalyn! Super compliment. Just dumb luck with a point-and-shoot, but thanks.

JohnG: I know! I'm confused too. I think the season has been shortened, but for sure this was local, wild salmon. The trip to Bodega for any seafood is worth it, in my opinion.

PE: Go! Do it! You are such a natural cook, you should do well. :)