Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pelosi Push Polls and Panders

I'm sorry. I'm mad and I eat, but I've had a cold and I'm not eating anything worth talking about.
So, I'm just mad.
I got a mass mailing from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. It's basically nothing more than a fund-raiser disguised as a survey, and it's idiotically signed by the anorectic House Democratic Leader, in her girly script, as "Nancy."
Come on, Ms. Leader, we have more respect for you than that. We expect more self-worth than that.
"Nancy"? That's a comic book character. You're supposed to be Congresswoman Pelosi. You poofter.
Then, on the page before the "survey" begins, I'm invited to make a financial donation. Sure, I understand that. I expected that.
But there are six boxes that I may check, indicating my philanthropic intentions, from "$15" to "Other $___." One of the boxes, the $35 box, has a fake, hand-written (mass printed) asterisk next to it, and the other asterisk it refers to below has a fake hand-written remark saying "Gifts at this level are urgently needed!"
Whoa. Are the contributions in the category of $100 less urgently needed? What about the meager, but well-meant, contributions of $25. Not so urgent?
I really hate being manipulated by such nonsensical BS.
OK, then we get into the survey itself. Does the Democratic Party really need a survey to discover if its members have a negative "outlook for America during the second term of George W. Bush"? Um, helloo!!
I'm going to spare you the rest of the inane questions. Oh, by the way, one of the questions is about Tom DeLay, who is no longer even in the House. And still, they ask for my money. Well, I suppose there were printing delays and mailing delays.
I would like to quote the snippet on the return envelope, however: "Your first-class stamp on this envelope helps elect Democrats."
Does it help elect first-class Democrats?
Am I going to vote Democratic?
By the way, I searched all over Google to find a picture of Nancy in the vicinity of some food. Nothing turned up. You think she eats?


Sam said...

you could not have picked a better picture.

I don't understand why, every time I do my taxes online they ask me if I want to give some money to some political thingy. I mean, don't they understand? If they want me to give money, I have to get somethig good to eat in return!

mrs d said...

Notice how many times Democratic leaders (or their staff members) post diaries on Kos that are just one tiny edit or two away from ye-tired-old-stump-speech #46, and notice how many times Kossacks take these leaders to task for this... and how this just keeps happening, again, and again, and again...

Why do they not learn? What is up with the Democratic leadership that they can't get past tactics that were failing a freaking DECADE ago?


cookiecrumb said...

Mrs. D.: I just put up my *first ever* diary on Kos today. A total ripoff (well, copy) of this post. Just now.
Oh wait. Is that how you got here?
Still, I would hope that somebody reads it. In the Democratic party. (Hello, Nancy! You're in my district.)
Or maybe I should just cowboy up and send it to Pelosi myself.

Oh, I love my word verification today:

kudzu said...

Well, all of you are growing up. Sorry, but I'm an old dame and I have been through all of this way too often. Keep at it -- and I will. We just have to be really, really tuned into where we put our money and our energy and (hate it, but it's true) we have to contend with all the mis-steps and stumbling while we try to get/keep the good guys in their jobs.

Cookie -- the "identity" changes with each entry. My game is trying to say out loud what is printed in the space. Like now: lwvtclwl, which must be Welsh.

Jack said...

Cold Crumb - This is just another example of why the Republicans rule today; The Democratic Party is so friggin dumb at times. The Republicans revel in their stupidity. The Democrats are obviously even less bright but will never realize it. Ever. Two bad we have a two-party system here. Wasn't there a Jim Carey movie with some such title?

mrs d said...

Heh. Those diaries fly by so fast, if they're not on the recc list, I miss pretty much all of 'em. (But I did just go track yours down. I have my ways...)

Hey, Kudzu, who you calling a spring chicken? :-P

(AACK! Spring chicken. I missed a bird pun. crapcrapcrap...)

CC: Here's what I'd do: Take the survey document and do an edit on it as if you were an ad agency rejecting a bad ad campaign. Write on it, attach post-it notes, circle and cross out stupid tactics. Basically dismantle the thing and send it back with a note, politely explaining that this shit don't work no more. Hell even PBS would send you a frickin' stainless steel travel mug for that fake, hand-written asterisked $35 donation, which is more than you'll get from the DCCC.

Oh, and CC a copy to Howard Dean. :-)

KathyF said...

Democratic voters are so hard to fool.

This was my biggest regret when I worked in Democratic primaries.

Dagny said...

I've gotten those "surveys" as well. It is pretty annoying.

Oh, and didn't you just love the weather yesterday? It felt like spring.

michelle said...

Blech. I got something like that last year and I think I spent three whole days feeling incredulous about it - so I'm glad I'm no the only one. Sorry to hear you're still feeling yucky, and that you're still getting the same rain we are. We got jipped out of summer last year here too - it rained until July, and started up again in September - that had better not be the case this year! (Don't worry, it won't...right?) Just keep the comfort food coming... and GET BETTER!!!

cookiecrumb said...

I would totally cc a copy to Howard Dean. He'd be horrified. I resent this sh*t!
Yes, Dagny. Spring. Ahh.
Kudzu: You're not that much older than some of us! :D

Cyndi said...

The things I get that bug me are not the mailings, but the E-mailings, with a link to donate at the end of every paragraph. Yeah, I agree we need to do SOMETHING about the crap we're in, but for pete's sake - I'm a TEACHER. We don't earn enough money to donate, though it's politicians who are the reason for that.

sfmike said...

I'm going to Ms. Pelosi's office in the Federal Building on Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco next Thursday morning to deliver a letter asking her to please, pretty please, say something to the effect that nuclear bombing Iran is not such a good idea, and you're welcome to come along. It's going to be very polite, and you can bring along your stupid mailing and deliver it in person to her staff (with annotations).

And then we can be Not Mad and Eat!

cookiecrumb said...

Cyndi: I just love telling people who ask me for money that I'm unemployed. Really stops them cold.

SFMike: You are? Totally cool. (What's funny about that mailer is that I almost did annotate it and send it back... I think I chucked it, though.)

dancingmorganmouse said...

The "girly" thing put on by some female politicians us very, very annoying indeed, as is the simpering little-girl voice. Several of the women in Parliament where I live use that really irritating handwriting, almost to the point of using a smiley face to dot their i-s - get out of high school girls and start acting like mature legislators or something.

cookiecrumb said...

Mouse: I'm actually flabbergasted that she does it. Pelosi is beautiful and feminine, and has been a huge success at fund-raising for the Democratic party. Could it be that she's done it by flirting?

dancingmorganmouse said...

Could it be that's how she got chosen to for the seat in the first place? Gasp.

cookiecrumb said...

DMM: Um, bingo! Yes.