Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cold Comfort

What if you don't even want to get out of bed?
You're under the weather, the mizz'ble friggin' won't-it-ever-cease weather, and you have to eat.
Well. So I invaded the earthquake supplies. Cranky did, actually. (God forbid we should ever both be sick at the same time.) He pulled out a can of Chicken NoodleO's, a "fun" take on the classic chicken noodle. Kinda seemed like Cheerios Soup there for the first couple of minutes.
It wasn't bad; I might even prefer it to the old-fashioned strand noodles.
But health food it is not. The can is supposed to make "about 2.5" servings. Each serving is 1/2 cup! (Update: I think that means 1/2 cup of the condensed slop.) That's not enough food for a sick adult. So I ate the entire amount, a total of about 20 ounces of reconstituted soup.
And that means I just bathed my internal organs in 2,375 mg. of sodium. That is literally 100% of my RDA.
Hey, didja see on the news, Dick Cheney got booed on the ballfield today.
Ahhh. That made me feel better.


Dagny said...

You are right. 1/2 a cup is not enough. Glad you found something that is making you feel better.

MM said...

Cripes ... sorry to hear that you're ill! Hope you get better soon so you do not have to resort to canned soup!

Passionate Eater said...

I agree with you Cookie Crumb--seeing Dick Cheney being booed is a better pick-me-up than penicillin!

ilva said...

And maybe knowing that Bush's pal Berlusconi just lost the elections over here might cheer you up! I'm so HAPPY myself!

Jamie said...

Ah, a little sodium won't hurt you. You'll be too bloated to fit into your shoes and pants for a couple of days, and then things will return to normal. ;-)

I hope you feel better ASAP, cc.

cookiecrumb said...

It's the darnedest thing. When you've got a cold you ought to have some homemade chicken soup, but who's going to make it? (Not to disparage Cranky's attentions; I think fundamentally he knows my tastebuds are knocked out, so he brings me deli soup, canned soup, etc.)
Ilva: I've been following that! Hope there's no recount.