Thursday, March 02, 2006

Why I Live In Marin

Phil Lesh -- the Grateful Dead guy they never let sing -- and I shop at the same market on Thursdays. I know for a fact he buys bread, because I saw him buy some today, although I'm not sure if he goes to the Marin Civic Center market for mushrooms.
But I do.
(No! Not magic mushrooms!)
Boy, he has a skinny ass.
Eat more bread, Phil!


kudzu said...

I can go you some better, as in sitting in a Mill Valley hangout with (heart be still) Sam Shepard writing in a corner, under his cowboy hat -- or Peter Coyote just walkin' up the street -- or (a month or so ago) rounding a corner and bumping into Bonnie Raitt. Yeah, it's a reason to live here, and all the better if we know we are shopping in and paying attention to the same environment.

And I feel they all did/do.

Ain't it great when we see so many "stars" in today's show/music biz firmament hitting bottom way too often?

Hey, this is all very self-congratulatory, but that's why we live in Marin, no?

mrs d said...

Oh jeez guys, I'm still waiting for Steve Miller to come into the store to buy a bag of bonito flakes, and that's about the best I can do!

Oh wait. Can we go back a bit to old-time movie celebs? (Pretty please?) Cuz, we've got a classic John Wayne film director here who eats at our local digs all the time (and I served him drinks & dinner lots back when I was a restaurant hostess). Nice man, too. Directs tons of community theater here, now that he's all retired from Hollywood.

I still think I wanna live in Seattle, though. Hell, maybe I can get a job at a convenience store and sell Apollo Anton Ohno a Red Bull or something. :-)

laughingrat said...

Sounds like my aunt in Carpinteria, who has taught so many stars' kids in her 20 years of schoolteaching that I don't even bother to keep track anymore. Hee. I think it still gives her a thrill after all these years. :)

cookiecrumb said...

You can do me some better, but you can't outdo me, Kudzu. Huey Lewis at Village Music. Mick Jagger at Village Music! Maria Muldaur at my mail drop. Bonnie Raitt at the bus stop. (With a kitty in her backpack!)
But darling Phil Lesh was in dumb ol' San Rafael today. What a dear.
Mrs D: Who is the director? I won't even know, will I.
Ms. Rat: I would probably be very impressed! xx

Amy Sherman said...

The Grateful Dead? Blech! Enough to chase me out of Marin...

But growing up there, during high school, I had some friends who went Christmas caroling and Robert Redford came to the door in his bathrobe! (his parents used to live in Belvedere) Now THAT'S a reason to live in Marin!

kudzu said...

Hey, wait! You can't count Village Music, because it's a world of its own. I mean, John's wonderland draws so many celebs per year a paparazzo could make a living just hanging out there.

But it is fun,no, to see everybody being so cool about appearances in Marin that stars of all kinds feel comfortable?

johng said...

My wife grew up in Marin in a beautifull hillside house above Mill Valley. Dad was a teacher at the JC. Mom stayed home, then opened a small dress shop. Sam Shepherd hit on her once when she was still in high school.

But that was then. What does a teacher's pay buy in Marin these days? A 1BR condo next to the freeway in Novato?

Melissa said...

Got to love living there if you run into Phil Lesh! Yes! :)

kudzu said...


At the time Sam Shepard was writing in a corner, he was living in a tiny house in a very modest nabe. My daughter's friend baby-sat for him and his wife, Olan (then an actress, now a playwright). I doubt whether they would be living in Mill Valley were they the same age, now -- for, as you say, these are different economic times in Marin.

mrs d said...

Ah, economics. So similar up here to Marin, I think. Average wage for the county is hideous low (somewhere around 19-20k a year), and the median house price? 300k. Yep, we're filling up with celebrities (though I never seem to see any of them!) and retired Macrosquish execs.

Cookie: the director is Andrew McLaglen, son of oldtime actor Victor McLagen, and director of McLintock, Shenandoah and a boatload of Gunsmoke, Perry Mason, Rawhide, etc episodes.

Oh, Richard Donner (Lethal Weapon, Free Willy ) lives up here too, but he's over on Orcas, so we don't get Donner sightings here; just the occasional Donner film preview as fundraising event for a local charity.

Dagny said...

Oooo. Perry Mason. I still can't get enough of that show.

drbiggles said...

I'm the best thing that's happened to Richmond since Rosie the Riveter.
I don't know anyone, nor have I seen anyone. Hell, I live only a few miles from where I went to high school and haven't seen anyone I graduated with in probably 15 years or more.
I was punched in the face by a guy whose girlfriend I was flirting with in 8th grade. He had mutton chops and stood about 6 foot 9. Man, he hit hard. Knocked me out for a few moments. She moved to Truckee and that was that.