Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Trying to Empty the Freezer

It's been harder than I thought it would be.
I'm so not close to clearing out the freezer.
The primary obstacle has been the *refrigerator*. And I swear, we haven't bought any fresh food since last week.
Which is weird. But it's a PROGRAM.
The fridge is still stuffed with groceries: fresh cauliflower (oh, god, a week old by now), half a cabbage, all those little turnips and radishes I mean to pickle. And I forgot to mention a celery root. A whole new bag of mushrooms.
So most of the freezer contents are kind of off limits.
For now.
Wow. This is hard.
What's worse is you can hardly go out for lunch without wrecking your grand plans for eating up the bounty.
Oh, yeah. I'm suffering.


Kevin said...


Poor baby.

BTW, the seeds are in the freezer. And I used three bay leaves making chicken stock.

Jamie said...

If it's any consolation, that celery root will hang on for a while. We accidentally left one in our fridge before we went on vacation, and it was none the worse for wear.

I have been freezer-cleaning in solidarity with you. I ate two slices of once-frozen focaccia and a bowl of resuscitated lentils. I made muffins from some frozen shredded crookneck squash (some of the muffins are now - d'oh! - in the freezer), and I brought out the pig hock and started baconizing it.

*whew* This freezer-emptying business is hard work.

Gustad said...

i just dont bother trying to get the bottom of ym freezer anymore. i know what your talking about

cookiecrumb said...

Kevin: Get those seeds into little peat pots with sterilized seedling soil; you'll want to give them six weeks inside your house (in a sunny window) before you transplant them outside. I just learned this from Sunday's paper. :)
Three bay leaves? How luxurious.
Jamie: I've been known to keep a celery root until it became a Nerf ball. There is a limit. I would never have imagined you could freeze crookneck squash; I'm sure the shredding is part of the secret.
But, yeah. It's been a real task!
Gustad: Well. See? Problem solved! ;)

Catherine said...

I admire you're sticking with the program. My fridge, freezer, and pantry are always overflowing. My mum was on rations during the war in England and I think she instilled a sense of scarcity in me that I can't quite let go of.

KathyF said...

Pick up a copy of this month's Vegetarian Times. Go on, right now I'll it? okay, turn to page 74. There's an article on how to keep produce from going bad.

My veggie bins are almost empty now, btw. One small red onion, some celery, and some mushrooms I don't want to look at too closely.

cookiecrumb said...

I just pickled a rather dubious sack of mushrooms in a mixture of sake and soy sauce. Simmer until you're happy with the taste, then drain. Mm.
But, yes, I will check out VT. Thanks.