Sunday, March 19, 2006


Well, this is just fracking nutty. But it can't be helped.
On day two of the Ice Harvest project, Cranky and I have discovered we're still slaves to the non-frozen portion of our large, stainless-steel refrigeration device.
The goal is to inventory and USE all the forgotten, still-viable items in the freezer. But it's stupid to let the fresh stuff in the lower compartment of the fridge go to waste while we tackle that ultra-chilly box up there, with pitons and crampons and screws and axes. (Oh. Not that we'd need such equipment. It's a clean freezer compartment.)
However: One mission was accomplished today. We did not go to the Marin Civic Center Farmers' Market. No new food was brought onto the premises.
Progress Report: Last night we knocked together a bunch of leftovers (cooked beans, cooked pasta, some frozen oven-dried tomatoes, some chicken stock) with a few fresh items (onion, chard) and came up with a stellar minestrone. Today we created a killer hash from the leftover St. Patrick's Day corned beef, the leftover boiled potatoes and carrots, plus a few more goodies. Screamingly good.
There is still a lot of chard to deal with before we can move on to the freezer. There's also a cauliflower, some turnips and radishes. And cabbage.
What I'm thinking of doing is pickling the radishes, turnips and cauliflower. Then I'm going to make long-stewed southern-style chard (with a couple of baby turnips and carrots, plus garlic). Whatever we don't finish eating tonight will go into (oh good lord) the freezer.
Then we'll take it from there.
Thank you kindly,
Your correspondent Amana Freezerburn


drbiggles said...

I have Elk Steaks and ground Elk in my freezer. That and some ice cream & cubes, nothing else.

Personally I wouldn't have frozen the meat, but it came to me that way.


Jennifer Maiser said...

Ha - that's why I didn't see you at the FM. I went today and was sure I'd run into you ...

Of course my lack of communication skills means that you were supposed to know this telepathically. Ha.

Catherine said...

I went to the SR farmers market later than usual (11am) - it was a zoo! I think most people who live in Marin were there. I was getting clobbered with bags left and right.

And the one thing I really wanted : Sante Fe Trading's apple pie-flavored tortillas were sold out. I put a reserve in for next week! And this wonderful French baker ( I forget their name) wasn't there either. Grrrrr!

Jamie said...

I daresay you overbuy vegetables worse than I do, my dear Cookiecrumb. ;-)

I have actually had to put a temporary moratorium on veg-buying because it's high season for several of our winter veggies. I currently have a choice of Brussels sprouts (these are stunted, but produced a bit anyway...but I am not sure I'll plant them again), cabbage, chard, collards, beets/beet greens, lacinato kale, and mustard greens. Oh, and purple sprouting broccoli, which is at the top of its game and waits for no one!

Anyone who likes greens, c'mon over. :-)

Kevin said...


I solved my over-loaded freezer problem a few weeks ago -- I bought another refrigerator. Admittedly it's a tiny little thing (3.8 CF), but the freezer is large enough to store my stocks in with a bit of room leftover for tomato sauce and bacon.

cookiecrumb said...

Of course you have elk in your freezer, Biggles. Let us know when you decide to thaw it. :)
Jen: See the comment below yours.
Catherine: That's another reason I didn't go. Sundays in general are crowded, yuppie affairs where people seem to show up mainly to drink coffee and eat pastries. And yesterday was one of the best weather days in ages. Worlds colliding.
Jamie: You don't even have the choice of whether or not to shop when your little veggies decide to poke out of the ground all at once! Use it or lose it. :)
Kevin: We have one of those little dorm refrigerators with a mail-slot-sized freezer compartment. I'd plug it in but I think it's an energy gobbler.

Angela said...

I love it! I just discovered your blog and think that is such an awesome idea - very funny and very cute! If you are at all interested in other food blogs, GOOD food blogs ;-) you should check [this out] when you get a minute! Anyway, keep on blogging and take care!!

cookiecrumb said...

Hi Angela: I just discovered Gather a couple of days ago. Thanks for dropping by and for the suggestion.

Jennifer Maiser said...

I know, I know. And moseying along with two friends yesterday I admit I was probably part of the problem. But at least I pull my wallet out and actually buy (and buy and buy) which is more than some people.

The good thing about the amazing weather and the crowds was that all the vendors were in very good moods.

Have you tried anything from that Black Sheep Farm? I bought a pork shoulder roast from him. Not cheap, but he was darling and seemed to be a super cool farmer.

cookiecrumb said...

Nothing yet from Black Sheep. We had our hands on a pair of lamb shanks from Prather, but they were just too expensive.
(I know you actually buy stuff there. So do we, and that's why we're in trouble!)
It's nice to think about how the farmers/vendors finally felt *good* after so much rain. OTOH, when the crowds were thin, Cranky and I loved having the vendors to ourselves to schmooze. When they showed up, that is.

vanessa said...

I wish I had freezer room. My roomies have taken over with boxes of the Lean Cuisine. They're touching my puff pastry. Is that an illicit freezer interaction?

cookiecrumb said...

Oh, that is an infraction. Hah!!