Thursday, March 16, 2006


I've been having problems with Blogger today. I don't think it's anything I'm doing wrong, because I'm not doing anything different. But I've been trying all day to get a post up about a recent poll that caught my interest.
Maybe DHS doesn't like my stuff and — whoa, tin-foil hat territory. Heh. Never "mind."
Anyway, here's a nice, benign, unpolitical photo of a completely, uh, well let's say "Republican" rosemary plant in my patio. Republican, OK? Oh, yeah. It's going in the stew. Hot, steaming, bubbling, smother-cating stew.
This rosemary, forgot the exact variety, is so fragrant. It gives off huge wafts of (Republican) rosemary aroma even when I'm just watering it. Which I don't have to do much lately, because of the thoughtful Republican global warming that is giving us relentless waves of rain (which rhymes with Republican amber waves of grain).
So will you guys please let me blog?


Jennifer Maiser said...

wow - very cool picture!

cookiecrumb said...

Thanks Jen. I do OK outdoors, but I'm a real dud with interior shots. Lighting.

johng said...

What's your f stop there, about .001?

That is some seriously tight depth of field!

cookiecrumb said...

Ha ha. I have no idea how to use all the buttons on this camera. But it was as close a focus as I can get. I haven't been able to get the f stop as low as I'd like.
PS, johng, was that you leaving the comment about the submarine on AmericaBlog yesterday? ;)

Greg said...

You been taking some cool pictures lately.Time to enter the county fair photo contest.

b'gina said...

Is that your Weekend Herb Blogging? Could be. ;+)

cookiecrumb said...

Greg: They have a photo contest? I was going to enter the tomato-growing contest!
B'gina: Why not? I'm all out of order.