Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lazy Luncheon Lunchin'

I'm *thisclose* to writing up the cookbook that has me so interested in a new take on food. I want to really do it justice, and right now, I'm lacking energy to do that. I'll get to it soon.
Today Cranky and I returned to a local seafood restaurant that a lot of Marin bloggers are talking about, Fish, in Sausalito. We dragged along the camera and the doggie.
Marin has a secret underground of dog-friendly restaurants, and Bean Sprout was one of four pooches at lunch there today. The hobo-code marking on the wall was a cluster of dog water dishes right outside the entrance. All of us dog diners sat outside at wooden picnic tables, in the unseasonably warm 70°-plus air.
Just so you know, this restaurant is unpretentious but the food is well thought out, locally sourced whenever possible, impeccably created for the most part (my complaint: clam chowder is too herbaceous). It's expensive, and you must pay in cash. It's also self-service, so there's nothing fancy going on, especially at those prices. It's upscale in a lowdown, preppy way. Money, but money that whispers.
So, for a $50 lunch for two, we enjoyed house-made clam dip with house-made potato chips for starters. Then I had a psychedelically delicious couple of fried gingery toro rolls in wonton wrappers, with a syrupy dip of candied, jalapeñoed orange rind, grated carrot, scallions, and a cacophony of white and black sesame seeds. It was really good. Cranky had a plate of house-smoked sturgeon, really tender and not over-smoked; served with croutes and a salad of beets dressed in, um, maybe sour cream or crème fraîche — it had turned totally Day-Glo. And we had a couple of glasses of lousy wine. Gotta think that part over, or order water next time.
One conceit of the restaurant (besides the bothersome cash-only thing) is that drinks are all served in Ball jars. So a glass of (crappy) white wine looks, unfortunately, like a specimen. Of. Not. Saying.
Besides the incredible weather and the good food, I was having fun exploring the "aperture" setting of my camera. Meh. Better results may be forthcoming.


Dagny said...

Once more, you have me salivating. Well, except for the specimen in the jar.

Cyndi said...

This morning at breakfast, my friend Dan's apple juice came served in a mason jar, too! We all about fell over laughing. As for Day-Glo salad--yuck. DH loves beets--they're just not for me. I wish you'd taken a photo! But the rest of your meal sounds totally wonderful.

Jennifer Maiser said...

ooh - I am so curious about the cookbook. we need to make it to fish - sounds like somewhere jason would like.

kudzu said...

My solution to the crappy wine problem is ro order NA beer, which goes really really well with FISH's fish and chips and other heartier eats there. It has just the edge of bitter and is cold and refreshing.

Isn't it wonderful to eat outdoors, again? I was stricken by spring fever yesterday and got no work done -- so off I go.

cookiecrumb said...

Well, dagny -- and cyndi -- go see if you're still salivating. I changed the Day-Glo reference to a link to a picture. Heh. Go click.
Jen: Jason would like it. If you go at night, they offer blankets to wrap up in for outside seating. There's a fireplace inside, but precious little seating.
kudzu: It was deliriously good to eat outdoors again! We sat in the two-sided tent (all the other tables were occupied) and had sun warming our backs through the plastic window, an unobstructed view of the bay, and no breeze in our hair. Perfect.

Jennifer Maiser said...

oh my, that day-glo. it's a bit much ... who thought that was a good idea? sheesh.

Jennifer Maiser said...

We went here today based on your post, and it was great. Would return in a second. I am still thinking about the roasted cauliflower I ate there. Jason took a cool picture there -- it's here.

cookiecrumb said...

Great photo, Jason! Kinda scary.
I'm so glad you had a good meal.
Wow, now you got me thinking about roasted cauliflower.

Randi said...

omg, i love sausalito. Lucky you. When I was in HS, my friends mom lived in Tiburon. I have fond memories of Marin.