Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Year of the Dog, Or Gung Hay Wet Boy

When Bean Sprout was a puppy, he loved to hang out on the deck of our old house (just as he loves to hang out on the patio of our new house, when the weather allows).
And, being a puppy, there was a lot to explore, to discover, to experience.
Such as the Water Dish.
Bean Sprout thought it was the funnest thing to splash his paws in the bowl, muddying the drink and drenching his fur.
Oh, I suppose he could get a little miserable while waiting for the sun to dry his fur. But it always did dry.
And he knows better now that he's *this many* [holds up two claws].
Happy New Year.


jen's mom said...

Happy Lunar New Year 2006, Bean Sprout!

Tana Butler said...

Hey, Logan is "this many" tomorrow!

: D

Mona said...

Happy New Year to you too! RUFFRUFF!
Is that symbol at the bottom the symbol of the dog? Wishing us a new year?
Do tell:)
Had a big feast last night in Chinatown, it was great. And the guy who invited us treated because he said it was tradition. I like that tradition!!

Jamie said...

Happy New Year, Bean Sprout! I, too, am a dog, if the Chinese calendar is to be believed. :-)

*sigh* This reminds me that when I lived in St. Paul, my manager from work held the absolute bestest CNY parties. They were the culinary event of the year for me.

Dagny said...

Happy New Year!

Bean Sprout is always so adorable.

Rose said...

Awww, cute! Gong xi fa cai Little bean sprout!

cookiecrumb said...

mona: I don't know what the image at the bottom says, but I *did* er, ::borrow:: it from a Year of the Dog page. I like your friend's tradition!
jamie: You're a dog! Cool. I'm a tiger.
jen's mom, dagny and rose: Thanks so much. Bean Sprout is impressed by your pronunciation, rose. ; )
tana: HBD to Logan! Really, *this many*? Big boy.

b'gina said...

Every dog has his day, as the saying goes, unless it's the year of the dog. Have a good one Bean Sprout. He's adorable even when wet.

Riana said...

OMG, Bean Sprout is adorable!!!!

Happy New Year! We made a duck...yum
Lucky got the neck. He was happy.

Cate said...

Cute pic! Now where was he for Weekend Dog Blogging?

cookiecrumb said...

Sweetnicks: I'm not a joiner! :D Heh.
Next time, though, I promise. Bean Sprout just got a crazy-cute article of clothing he doesn't even want to take off at bedtime.