Sunday, December 18, 2005

You'll Hate Me for This

Jamie at 10 Signs Like This tagged me for a quick 'n' easy meme: Name seven songs you're into right now. Jamie claims to be all out of touch with music, but of the seven artists she listed, I only recognize The Strokes and Kelly Clarkson. So I'm quite a bit out-of-toucher than she is.
I decided to go see which songs I've most recently bought from iTunes. But I will begin with a brain-munchingly bad, synapse-consumingly addictive, cornballishly horrific tune I wallow in every year at this time of year, composed in 1948 and still all over the airwaves (and I own the whole album it comes from):
1. Sleigh Ride, by Leroy Anderson. Go on, admit it. You're crazy about it! I am. Sweet as candy canes.
2. Comfortably Numb, by Pink Floyd. This had something to do with a televised benefit concert, where the reunited group's performance was talked over by show commentators, essentially blanking them out. I had to buy the song to listen to it in its entirety.
3. Time Warp, from Rocky Horror Picture Show. I don't know why. Forgive me. Well, actually, I didn't buy it; I just downloaded a snippet.
4. It's My Life, by Talk Talk. Because it bothered me that No Doubt and its big fat ego, Gwen Stefani, did a lousy cover of that song when such a good original already exists. So I bought the original.
5. Life's Been Good, by The Eagles. C'mon. They did a concert I watched on TV. That song's a hoot. I love to air-guitar along with it.
6. (I Love the Sound of) Breaking Glass, by Nick Lowe. Um, I've been in an 80's mood. Because of song number 4. I will not confess to buying anything by A Flock of Seagulls, even if I have. I'm just sayin'.
7. Oh, very well, then. Hungry Like the Wolf, by Duran Duran. Just take me out back and flay me. Thank goodness this list ends at number seven.
8. But it's torture time! Jingle Bell Rock, by Bobby Helms (1957), not by Hillary Duff (2002).
9. Oh, heck, one more. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, by Brenda Lee (1960).
10. Update: There's another seasonal composition I absolutely love, and depending on your source of music-listening (malls, elevators, radio), you may not be getting enough of this one. The Troika Song from the Lieutenant Kije Suite, by Sergei Prokofiev. I like it so much I just went and bought it at iTunes. OK, that makes it an even ten.
I'm supposed to tag seven more people. I should think after this kind of abuse, you'd thank me if I didn't tag you. Tag yourself. You're It!


Monkey Gland said...

You in an '80's moond and no Japan??? I wanted to be David Sylvian but it was never going to happen not with my gene pool.

cookiecrumb said...

::: i don't think i know who japan is/are :::

[scurries back under rock]

Jamie said...

Oh, my, cookiecrumb. If I ever doubted that you are my kind of person (which I didn't, of course), this is the ultimate proof that we are kin. Not only was I a huuuuuge Duran Duran fan back in the day, but I have a much-treasured copy of "Ordinary World" on my iTunes that I listen to at least weekly. Also, I was similarly offended by the remake of "It's My Life," and I, like you, sought out the original for old time's sake.

I can't get on the "Sleigh Ride" boat, though, 'cause I was forced to play it in middle school band. Whenever I hear it now, the French horn part starts cycling through my head endlessly.

P.S. I bet you'd like Japan. :-)

Jamie said...

P.S. That Pink Floyd reunion was one of the best concerts I've ever seen. Full stop.

cookiecrumb said...

Mmm. I'm basking in found-another-true-friendliness. Thanks Jamie. And Monkey Gland! Must investigate Japan.
(But Jamie! Just for comparison, my high school choir was forced to do the Hallelujah Chorus. Even today, nothing could wreck that for me, still love it, lo these many years later. Oh, well, now that I think about it, I wasn't in the high school choir.)
French horn! I was clarinet.

ilva said...

You don't know JAPAN!?!? They were great -I have all their vinyl discs. ooo the bass the whole everything! Duran Duran pfu!

b'gina said...

How can you forget my seasonal favorite, "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer"? And the dogs barking to Jingle Bells? I have many happy memories of annoying people with these songs. Even astounding them - I sent my Brit bf of the time a tape of "Grandma..." He had no clue what to make of it, but he feared for may sanity.

Sure Duran Duran and Flock of Seagulls have their moments, but these are classics. \;+)

Rozanne said...

Damn you Cookiecrumb!

Just reading the titles of those awful Yule songs may mean that they will be tinkling treacklishly away in my head all day.

I will try to focus on #5. I wouldn't mind a bit having that in my head.

"My Maserati goes 185. I lost my license. Now I can't drive...."

LisaSD said...

Hungry Like the Wolf? That song is certainly of a certain era! LOL

cookiecrumb said...

It gets me out of my chair; can't explain it. Told you I was old.