Thursday, December 22, 2005

Countdown Cassoulet

Note from the Blog Administrator: The comments thread on the previous post has been shut down due to hijacking by a bunch of clowns. Thank you. (Psst: Keep it up! Funny.)
As we near the feast time of Christmas Eve (probably Dungeness crab and/or oysters) and Christmas Day (rib roast), Cranky and I are cleaning out the larder and trying not to end up with too many leftovers.
OK, then. Well, we had some leftover bits of succulent pork chop. Leftover turkey in the freezer. A scrumptious duck sausage. And, as always, some duck fat in the freezer. Cranky proposed a quickie "cassoulet," one that could be assembled easily and cooked in a CrockPot instead of the oven.
Dang, it worked. It tasted exactly like the real, long-roasted thing. Some dry flageolet beans, soaked and simmered with a bouquet garni. The meats (in order of what needs cooking longest; the only raw meat was the sausage, so it went in first, after a brief saute with chopped onion and garlic and a dab of bacon grease — ooh, forgot to tell you about that part). We wanted a soupçon of tomato in there, so Cranky chipped off an ice shelf from the frozen tomato sauce I made a few months ago.
Then: A few hours in the slow-cooker, a deft addition of bread crumbs stirred in just toward the end, and a final sprinkling with more crumbs.
Very good. Recommended.


mrs d said...

Hey. Nice banner. :-)

I am going to weep uncontrollably over your Dungeness crab and/or oysters. Me? I'm off to the in-laws where dinner will probably be either pot roast (eh), or something with dairy in it because they always forget I can't do dairy.

Yes, this is another one of my whiny, bah-humbug holiday comments. I'll be better after it's all over. I promise.

cookiecrumb said...

Mrs. D: Your mother-in-law reads my blog. Careful!
PS: You can have the oysters later. New Year's Eve.

mrs d said...

But if you let the oysters sit for a week, I'll crjpuzyp after I eat them!

cookiecrumb said...

No shgkmn!
Buy them when you get home.

drbiggles said...

I hate crab and all bottom feeders. I like food that has long hoovens that keeps the goodness above the ugliness.

Something that scours the bottom with lovely poo doesn't thrill me.

Maybe if they were processed through the Saseyx, it'd be better.


cookiecrumb said...

Aw, shoot, if Red Snapper wasn't on the do-not-eat-endangered-species fish list, I'd eat that ijlaara-feeder too.

drbiggles said...

Did you catch the Red Snapper dvddca on netflix? That's at least worth watching.

cookiecrumb said...

Biggles, if I catch Red Snapper dvddca, I'm going to apply some vafgplr before it gets too inflamed. Don't you follow Monkey Gland's advice? That man's a flsaefn genius.

Sam said...

Oh, yes Mr Gland, I sure do ivxnk him. sigh.

cookiecrumb said...

You too? He sure does get my qktobfj.

drbiggles said...

Ozhny !!!

YEAH !!! I have to admit it is the week's greastest treat to get a glimpse of your Ozhny. I hope Cranky won't hold it against me.

Ya know I think I'm getting in to a rut. First it's Cherry's ozhny, then it's yours. Thank you very much for pulling it down and open so we can see.


cookiecrumb said...

Dizeay nuts!

Monkey Gland said...

Ladies Ladies, there'll be no fighting over my jhuvotl. It is Christmas after all!