Friday, November 04, 2005

TGI Herbday

You petless food bloggers who want to join in on the weekend "pet" blogging have been invited by Kalyn to post pix of your pot! I mean weed. I mean herbs. Go take a look.
It's a little hard typing today, because I made a mighty snip into the flesh of my fingertip with pruning shears. I was grooming the bushy, leggy marjoram plant, a largely useless herb in my opinion (and I welcome the input of anybody else on that subject). I think it tastes soapy, although I will use a smallish pinch for a "green" flavor now and then.
Anyway, I was in the middle of trimming off the excess when I trimmed something I'd rather hang onto: my corporeal substance.
I was too angry to clean up the pile of foliage on the patio, and it lies there still.
I don't think Bean Sprout cares much for it either. And boy, am I not in the mood to give him a trim just now, even though he needs one.


Jillie said...

I am sorry to hear of your wounding when garden tending! Would be more worth it if marjoram had more value, huh? I've always treated it like a lesser oregano, but that is the dried form - must have somewhat different flavor when fresh. Maybe use it in a marinade for lamb, with rosemary and thyme? Well, now you have an excuse for a hot shower and that beer, with a chaser of Alleve!

Kalyn said...

Sorry to hear you have been injured in pursuit of the perfect herb photo. I have to agree with you about marjoram, although when recipes call for dried marjoram I do usually put it in. Not sure why thoough.

ilva said...

I agree with you, it is really not very useful and unlike Kalyn I just skip it in all the recipes I find it in and do they taste less becausae of that? no no no. I just have to ask you though, did you pet the goats before or after HRH???

cookiecrumb said...

Ilva: You caught me! I was trying to keep it vague, but actually, I petted the goats before the Prince did. (Maybe he got a contact high from me.)
Everybody, go visit Ilva's blog from Italy. Fantastic photos!

b'gina said...

What a little doll! How have I missed him (her?) on WDB?

I never use marjoram to cook with, but it makes a delicious room deodorizer. It has sort of cedar undertones or something that I just love. Far too strong for food, IMO.

cookiecrumb said...

b'gina: He's a him... I just haven't gone to the effort of sending a link to the WDB Czar.
I love the idea of using marjoram that way! Now I'll happily harvest it (and that will keep the plant looking good). Fingertip is almost healed.