Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday Hamdogging

Hey, back off, there, Bean Sprout.
We managed to get it right yesterday.
The first slice of pan-fried ham was salty and strong. So we gave the rest of the ham a soak in water (in the fridge) for about seven hours, and then boiled it for 20 minutes per pound. I decided to use a mix of ginger ale and water for the boil. I don't know if the ginger ale imparts much flavor, but it seemed so cool and dorky. (Can something be simultaneously cool and dorky? Answer me that, David Byrne.)
Then we skinned it (leaving the fat on) and smeared some sweet bourbon mustard on the outsides before it went into the oven for a half hour.
The WINNING preparation, however, is due to a commenter named Jillie (who may not have a blog, because her name isn't a link). She recommended that we bake the ham with sauerkraut. Gosh, that sounded good. So we rinsed a little jarred kraut (shoulda used more), drained it, and flung the shreds all around the ham. Topped them with cubes of new potato that had been parboiled. Let the fat melt into the mix.
Quote from Jillie: "The ham flavor (aka fat) seeps into the kraut and makes it doubly delish."
Man, she nailed it.
I could tell you about an extremely complicated recipe for smoked, nitrate-free slab bacon covered with pulverized herbs and pepper, braised in apple cider, then roasted with naturally fermented artisan sauerkraut and sauteed potatoes... (oh, wait, I am telling you) that I've made a couple of times. Because it tasted so good.
Well, so did this.


jillie said...

Wow - a shout-out! Thank you ~ glad the ham/kraut combo worked out for you so well. I am indeed blogless - maybe someday tho, as love to write almost as much as to cook! This wkend made cream of spinach soup, a Persian dish-khoresh lubia, a sort of beef and green bean stew over basmati rice, and snickerdoodles - was a great, rainy, fallish wkend for all of the above!

cookiecrumb said...

Props to Jillie!
Yes, it was really that good. Thanks again.
Your cooking sounds dee-licious. I'm comin' over!
(PS: You read Fatemeh's blog? She cooks Persian.)
I hope you start your blog soon.

jillie said...

You're welc! Just added Fatemeh's blog to my list - will have to check archives for what she's written about Persian food. Is SO tasty - complex in flavors, delicate seasonings, but takes HELLA long to do it right! Worth it if ya got the time, tho.