Sunday, September 25, 2005

I'm Not a Joiner

But I confess that I've been jealous of the obligatory weekend cat blogging going around like a virus. I don't have a cat. I have a super keeno, awesome genius, cute little dog.
I read a remark at Farmgirl Fare today that cat blogging has been a thing for the past 15 weeks, but in fact, Atrios has been doing Friday Cat Blogging for — oh, hell, I'm not a librarian, I don't know. But a long time.
Anyway, Sweetnicks is launching Weekend Dog Blogging. (OK, it started last week. Bad CookieCrumb. No treat.) And though I probably won't go to the trouble of sending her a picture of my boy, here he is at IMAIE.
Presenting: Bean Sprout and the Really Ripe Anaheim Pepper.
(Oh, right. We'll see how religiously I keep up with this endeavor!)


mrs d said...

Aw, Bean Sprout is awfully cute. He probably didn't like that pepper much though, eh?

I've been seeing Friday cat blogging around for quite some time - on Atrios and lots of other places. I think we're at that point with blogging where nothing can be invented that hasn't already been invented. I set up a "superflous dog photo" category on my blog before Weekend Dog blogging, but I'm sure someone else has done the same with their dog blogging friends ages ago... Dooce has been doing daily pictures for eons (many with dogs) and is most well known for it, but she's probably not the first. (Though her pics do kick ass I must say.)

And as far as joining WCB goes, you could always get a stuffed kitty and just pose it in the kitchen with various food items. Hmmm... come to think of it, maybe that's one thing that hasn't been done before!

farmgirl said...

Too cute! : )

I don't know about Atrios and cat blogging--I was just referring to Clare's WCB which I think I joined way back on #3 when it was just three of us (the third person being Indira at Mahanandi--who actually started it--but Clare does all the hosting now). Probably more than a non cat owner needs to know! I'll try to find Atrios and see what that's all about. Thanks!

Oh geez. I just failed the word verification.

cookiecrumb said...

mrs d: I don't know how to set up categories. Point me towards a tutorial, there's a nice girl?
farmgirl: Did you find Atrios? Not what you expected, eh? (Hey, don't get me wrong, I *like* cats. They feel so good. When they let you touch them...)

mrs d said...

Hey cookiecrumb,

Alas I know nothing at all about blogger and if it even has categories. That's a question for Food Blog S'cool. I use Movable Type and it's the only blogging system I understand, and barely, at that. I had my category names for photos and such decided on way back in May and it wasn't till two months later that I actually figured out how to set them up. Heck I just figured out Technorati yesterday.

cookiecrumb said...

Technorati? Eep!